Translated From: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kiss passionately at the airport

Discovered on: 2021-11-08 23:03:26

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can’t keep their hands off! The couple are undoubtedly in love and are not afraid of public displays of affection. Recently, Lopez and Affleck were caught at the airport kissing passionately.

The actor and singer were spotted at the Los Angeles airport as Lopez’s pilot patiently waited for her to board the private plane. In addition to kissing, they shared a long hug.

© GrosbyGroup The couple is undoubtedly in love and not afraid of public displays of affection

According to the singer’s former publicist, Rob Shuter, the wedding bells are ringing loud for them. Shuter told Fox News that if Jennifer didn’t see a future with Ben, she wouldn’t be as open to love and would be taking care of the red carpets. “I don’t think either of us would be that open about getting back together if they weren’t serious,” he said. “When I was working for Jennifer, she was the boss. I should have paid her because she runs the show. “

“You may have opinions,” he shared. “She will listen to you. But at the end of the day, she makes her own decisions. And I think this is the case here. Jennifer wouldn’t let us see them walk together in the park or on the red carpet if she didn’t see a future for them. They could easily have met silently, dated, and had fun together. The world would never have known. But the fact that they allow us to see this tells me that it is serious. “

Shuter revealed that Lopez knows what he’s doing despite what the tabloids say. “She feels really comfortable in her own skin,” Shuter said. “And I think that’s his biggest secret of all. Forget gossip and all the details of your private life. She is not concerned with what people have to say about her. She’s the boss”.

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