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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are happy in their new stage as a couple. In 2018, “JLo” wondered in one of her most recognized themes, “and the ring for when?” However, now it seems that her time has finally come. The singer will marry the actor in the not too distant future after getting engaged. Now, a few weeks later, it has been learned that the couple established some agreements before agreeing that they would pass through the altar.

Some American media have assured that López would have made Affleck sign a prenuptial contract before getting married, with some somewhat curious clauses. The truth is that these clauses include many areas in the love life of the couple, and the one that has created expectation has been the clause on their sexual relations.

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Jennifer López and Ben Affleck, via contract, have to have a minimum of four sexual relations each week. A most striking agreement that has caused all kinds of reactions in the media and social networks. Apparently, the couple is living their second chance very intensely, and they want it to end with a happy ending. The family has grown and they want to live in a great house, like the one they have been looking for in recent months and where they will surely be able to meet the objectives signed.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez met 20 years ago, in 2002, during the filming of Gigli. They started a relationship and a few months, just before getting engaged, they ended their relationship. In fact, Affleck is the protagonist of one of the most famous video clips of the singer, that of her song Jenny from the Block. Now, the couple has given themselves a chance again after having broken off their relationships, he with Ana de Armas and she with Alex Rodríguez.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2022 Super Bowl


The couple got engaged again at the beginning of this month of April and made it official through an image of the singer on her Instagram profile. The photo set off all alarms by showing a spectacular diamond ring that could very well be an engagement ring.

The paparazzi caught her wearing the impressive piece at the exit of a furniture store, during a walk with her son. As published by the People portal, the representative of the actress and singer confirmed the commitment and the meaning of the luxurious jewel, so they are pending to start preparations for the wedding. It is undoubtedly one of the most surprising commitments in recent months and the wedding will be one of the most anticipated of the decade.

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