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Discovered on: 2022-04-22 16:31:19

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck will go down the aisle after having tried on one occasion almost 20 years ago, as confirmed by the singer through a video she shared on her social media profiles where you could see an emoticon of a ring . The couple is living their second chance, and they want it to end happily, with the whole family living in a great house, like the one they have been looking for in recent months.

But this wedding has also meant the arrival of some marriage contracts with different clauses. Now, one of these clauses has caught the attention of public opinion, and it is that the Puerto Rican artist intends to ensure a full sexual life.

At least four sexual relations a week

The companions of the Antena 3 program, ‘Espejo Público’, have spoken about her, where they have revealed that Jennifer López demands her future husband, Ben Afleck, via contract, that they have to have a minimum of four sexual relations every week. A most striking agreement that has caused laughter and disagreement, in equal parts, on the set of Atresmedia.

“I find it horrible please, where is the romance? It’s humiliating for her”, Susanna Griso has begun by pointing out, frustrated with this clause of the famous couple’s nuptial agreement. Jota Abril, one of the usual collaborators, has wondered how López could prove before a judge that this clause is being breached.

“How horrible, imagine that you establish that you have to kiss each other every morning, in the shower you have to have sex. Are you kidding me? That exist? I find it impressive”, added the presenter of the program with a face of disbelief.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez met 20 years ago, in 2002, during the filming of ‘Gigli’. They started a relationship and a few months -just before getting engaged-, they left him. Now, the couple has given themselves a chance again after having broken their relationships with Ana de Armas and Alex Rodríguez, respectively.

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