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On February 18, the new film by Jennifer Lopez, Marry me. Starring the singer, Owen Wilson and Malumamarks the film debut of the artist from Medillín, who along with JLo will play the role of an eccentric couple of singers who decide to celebrate their wedding at Madison Square Garden in New York.

However, the surprises do not end here, as Marry Me also marks the film debut of Jennifer Lopez’s son, Maximilian Davidwho at the age of 13 has decided to get in front of the cameras.

Jennifer Lopez spoke about her participation in the film for the Univisión program El gordo y la flaca, where she confessed that it had been the little ones in the family who had encouraged her son to be part of the project: “He didn’t want to do it, really, but there were other children in the family who encouraged him saying: ‘Do it, do it, you’re going to enjoy it’“.

The filming experience seems to have been very rewarding for the singer’s son and Mark Anthonywho seems to have opted for the world of acting and following in his mother’s footsteps: “He had a great time and wants to do it more. He wants to be an actor.”

Jennifer Lopez, who has always been concerned about the happiness of her children and that they have the ability to decide what they want to do once they reach sufficient maturity, was happy with Max’s decision, but his girlfriend Ben Affleck He anticipated that we would not see him so much in front of the cameras but as a voice actor: “I think he wants to be more of a voice actor because he has a very different voice, and he can put on very different voices. But he will do what he wants“.

a family of artists

With this theatrical debut, Max is the last of the family to become a true artist. His twin sister, Emmealready surprised us two years ago during the break of the superbowl when he performed the song Let’s get loud with his mother, receiving applause from the public and millions of people who echoed the duo through social networks.

It seems that the little girl also wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps and is enrolled in singing classes to improve her technique. Will the twins surprise us in the future with a collaboration on the big screen? Time will tell.

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