Source: Joe Budden gets Dragd for picking on a BTS, "I can't stand looking at them, I want them to disappear

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23 thoughts on “Joe Budden gets Dragd for picking on a BTS, "I can't stand looking at them, I want them to disappear

  1. BTS is new to a lot of folks I BEEN on the Kpop train for over 10 years now the US is appreciating them BTS BEEN hot Joe need to stfu and stop hating on their talent they are dedicated to their craft and highly talented see video: “Singularity”

  2. Now wtf. Joe is just a hater sippin on that haterade in shady mansion under shady light. He needs to sat down somewhere. Nobody asked for him. And that’s what he’s mad about. “Butter” is my BTS jam. He needs to be dragged.

  3. Can’t say I hate them but I agree with Joe I don’t like their music I don’t wanna see them dance or do anything but Joe is wrong to say he hates them those boys didn’t do shit to him Joe has the right to feel the way he feels 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. I'm seriously embarrassed and outraged at Joe Budden. He's washed up and irrelevant. He obviously watched BTS' performance otherwise how else did he know the Jungkook came down from the sky via a supposed"umbrella" like Mary Poppins? The fact that BTS has continued to break records, made successful album sales without promotion, are millionaires in their 20s, have AList celebrities wanting to collab and have a larger fan base then him hits him so hard, that the pain is excruciating and twist his mind like a pretzel and now BTS lives in his head rent free😅. Huh! Keep hating. Its only going to block him from moving forward in his life!

  5. He's mad because BTS has broken more records then him and there careers have lasted longer then his one hit wonder ass.

    He hasn't been relevant since 2003 and all of sudden he has a opinion on others.

    Artist that have more records and sold more then him…artist who are a Triple threat, they can dance amazing, each can sing amazing and they can sing different genres..Joe Budden hasn't been rapping in 2 decades and he acts like he is the authority of Hip-Hop…you never see Ice T, Ice Cube, Jay Z, Rakeem, attacking young pop stars in their 20's when they are all in their 40's and 50's now.

    Let them have their generation of music and fall all the way back grumpy old bitter Joe.

    He is so angry at other artists for doing their own thing and have their own identity and not appeasing his ignorant ass.

    He needs to grow up.

    Those boys in BTS are more mature, more humble, and treat people with kindness…I'm sorry Joe they don't exploit women like you, have half naked women in their videos for your liking, degrade females like your used to seeing, they have real Raw talent they dont need video hoes to soak their egos when they have all the talent to entertain all ages….plus they never ever mess with anyone, they mind their business and work and perform…then all of sudden this 40 something year old man comes for them for no reason…because he might be feeling some type of way deep down and projecting way to much.
    Joe is so uncomfortable in his own skin that he uses hate to hide behind his insecurities.

  6. I'm not into that kpop stuff. But it's not around me at all….cos that's not my vibe- So why would it bother me?🤨🤔… it doesn't 😕
    In reality, doesnt make a difference to my life one way or another. 🤷‍♀️
    Like Gigi said, if you dont like it, why you searching it out?🧐
    Ain't no need to hate on them for no reason. Hes mate is right- he's disgusting for that!
    If i was gonna break it down I'd say its prob 1 of 2 things, potentially both.
    I think it might even be a racial thing. Or that he's hating cos they getting loads of pics with big top industry people and artists. And he hates how they are a million times more successful than him! And he's been in the game for years. But they clearly have a better public and behind the scenes image than him.
    So i think they are running in circles that he wishes he could be in. But due to his own record of patterned behaviour he ain't welcome. It's a straight up case of he's poor little ego can't take it, so he's hating on them boys!
    This is Just my opinion tho….

  7. That ninja shouldn’t have shyt to say! He’s a woman beater and a has been! He wasn’t even relevant when he had a half ass hit🤔 jealousy comes in all forms and he’s a mole on an elephant’s ass ……. SMH🤢🤢🤢

  8. Lol, he must be feeling that irrelevancy coming because why Joe? Nobody said a word about Joe, and I think that's his problem. I think the Kpop boys are making some of these hateful men get in their feels because they can't measure up. Little do they know they could just take notes from them and become better men 🥴

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