22 thoughts on “Joe Gatto LEAVING Impractical jokers. Here is what you need to know.

  1. Impractical Jokers is over with.
    Sure. . .
    The show will go on for another season with three guys, but it will never have the same spark. They need all four of the guys. It will be canceled after this next season, or one or more of them will quit also. But it will only last one more season.

    The show is over with. Everyone knows it and if you say it's not you're lying to yourself.

  2. I just can’t picture the show without him. I really can’t. I love Sal, Q & Murr but Joe & his confidence was on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL! Joe was the one who got me HOOKED to the show. One of the first episodes I saw was when Joe went breaking the tables 🤣 I’m really gonna miss Joe but I really hope things get better for him. I feel so bad for him & what he’s going through.

  3. The show won’t go well without Joe. For years this is what I’ve watched to successfully help with my depression. I use the show to elevate SAD symptoms, but now I know every word to every episodes (even season nine already). Im selfishly saying No!!!! Joe, there are other ways to deal with this. Include ur family in the show more. I’d watch that. Maybe even a break from the show, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that slightly depends on Joe for happiness 😂. Im not going to be able to get back to sleep tonight. Devastated

  4. Looks like Joe is planning to go on tour alone. If that's true how is that different from leaving the show impractical jokers. If he wants to spend more time with his kids and he is going to be traveling all over. Smh

  5. Still will be a great show, but I’ve watched since season 1.
    The show won’t be the same but, can benefit if can add new ideas.
    I truly wish Joe the best, he is was great on it. If he chose to leave I can respect it, after all it’s his life; and he putting family first.
    Total respect from me on that choice.

  6. I just read that Joe is doing a comedy tour. How is this jiving with wanting to be with his kids during the divorce. Now I wonder if he wasn't fired from IJ. Why quit one show and say it's for his family. Only to turn around and go on tour for 5 months. Something isn't right.

  7. Joe's suffering from a broken heart, and the desire to do the show isn't there, he doesn't want to come to work every day with a fake smile. Sometimes you just want to be left the fuck alone, and being on a show like this makes that impossible. Life isn't always rainbows, cupcakes, and lollipops, even though this show would make you think that it is for them. Joe's soul has been crushed, and I really hope that he can heal from this and move on.

  8. Been my favorite show since they started. Never laughed so hard at a television series. Honestly feels like you get to be friends with them for half an hour. Some people are even saying this all might be another joke. No matter what, Joe was the backbone to this show during its entire run, he was given most control over it. Its so sad for me to see him go. He is absolutely hilarious. But I understand and cant be mad if he’s doing this for his family. We all love you Joe.

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