Source: John Legend reportedly is preparing to Divorce wife Chrissy Teigen, she messing up his brand

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48 thoughts on “John Legend reportedly is preparing to Divorce wife Chrissy Teigen, she messing up his brand

  1. In My Opinion I Never Felt They Were Right For Each Other To Be Quite Honest Although They Have Two Beautiful Children But Ever Since That Third Child Died Chrissy Has Never Been The Same Which Is Unfortunate Or Maybe It's Just Me Oh Well Maybe It Is Just Me Otherwise I Am Still A Fan Of John Legend And I Wish Him The Best Oh By The Way I 🧡 And Adore You G.G. So Much All hugs & hearts 💕 to You Forever You're My Favorite Lady On YouTube Ever From A Loving Loyal Supportive Fan For Life Peace And Blessings Always XOXO party crasher till the end I Will Leave It At That.

  2. Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some DO NOT OBEY THE WORD. they, without a word, may be won by the condust of their wives, (1Peter 3:1)

  3. Who was shocked like me when John even married her & then I was shocked again to learn that she was a model because seeing her on Wildin Out she would make very demonic facial expressions sometimes

  4. This thought has nothing to do with John nor Chrissy the rap game just came in my algorithm yesterday. So I think super peach is extremely talented, she need to do like destiny child did when all the hate came their way let the music 🎵🎶 do the talking never address your haters directly to much conflict 💕💕🌄😘🎶🎶

  5. I never forgot how she talked about Blue's natural hair…so racist.
    A few years back John performed at the Borgata, A C and I met Chrissy, very bossy and I
    thought to myself she was not compatiable for John who was more laid back.

  6. A couple of years ago kris jenner invited her over one Christmas to help her cook and she has cameras everywhere in her house she had these nice uggs Christmas stocking on the fireplace and she caught chrissy going through them and never help her cook and when it was time to leave she left with a lot of shopping 🛍bags that she didn't come with stole lots of stuff out that women's house

  7. She not getting no damn pass because someone said cause she pretty really their so many beautiful women out here she just felt she can do and say whatever because she .marry to john legend he very low key she just need to sit down her looks have nothing to do with common sense period she act like she bored

  8. 2 for sure. John Legend not only needs to leave her but take his kids with him. With all her pedophile comments about kids and bullying kids, he can definitely win custody. Team John Legend. Go before you lose it all to Mr. John Legend. There’s no supporting her ways period. They weren’t even mistakes she meant to do and say everything she has said. The only reason she was trying to delete 60,000. Tweets is because she was finally getting caught. She’s a freak and I hate to see John Legend lose everything because of her.

  9. I am from England. I think it is so sad how women in America, carry around an inferiority complex regarding the tone of skin, a melenated man chooses, over a woman who refers to herself BLACK with misplaced prideful ness. How can you be hurt, that a man you do not know, chooses a woman who you feel does not represent YOU? The Coloniser labeled you BLACK and you are hurt that a man who YOU identify as melenated, might not choose to refer to himself as BLACK. TIGER Woods, said he is not black, and you all went crazy. Until you all take your selves out of the masters house, be quiet!

  10. Marriage vows say for better or worse. He's been all up and through this woman's crevices so although it's not impossible, it's unlikely he didn't already know what kind of woman she is. If she hasn't evolved by now for the better then that's unfortunate, but I really don't see how a divorce will make much of a difference at this point.

  11. Just do something that will earn you money while you sleep, no matter how little. The pandemic is a perfect eye opener to really see how life can be without the usual income stream and every one had to sit at home. Well I never felt it because of my investment in a trading company where I earn 4 figures weekly. The best one can do for him self is to invest more and spend less.

  12. Yes I knew it would come. But I believe she will try to attempt suicide. She seems suicidal… she's an alcoholic and that's why she say's stupid things all the time. I was just wondering what took John so long to try to leave.

  13. It happened years ago. She apologized twice. Recently in writing. If she was sincere about changing, sought professional help and GOT off Twitter and didn’t make anymore social media comments, I guess I would try for the sake of the kids.

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