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The defamation trial against Amber Heard continues.

On the sixth day of the trial, Johnny Depp returned to the stand to give his testimony about his relationship with the “Aquaman” actress. Through this, Depp gave details of his worst fight with Heard, the same one in which he lost part of his finger and suffered a burn on his face after his ex-wife put out a cigarette in the expensive.

Johnny Depp recounts his worst fight with Amber Heard: “I started writing with my own blood on the walls”

In 2015, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were living in Australia due to the filming of the fifth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

According to Johnny, at the time, Heard met with one of his lawyers to discuss a post-nuptial agreement that Depp had allegedly requested, but later discovered that this was not true. However, the actress lost her temper and went against the actor.

“All I could do was try to calm her down and tell her I didn’t want to screw her up or put her in an awkward position. It didn’t work, it escalated into madness, chaos, violence.

“I was furious, I was possessed. When I tried to get away, like she normally did, while she hit me with brutal words. Sorry for my language, but I remember it wasn’t nice…she called me something like ‘lawyers’ ass kisser’ and ‘fag who didn’t fight for her or stand up for her’. I tried to remove myself from the situation but to no avail,” Depp said.

Later, Johnny claims that he went to another room to avoid fighting with Amber, but she followed him, “banging on doors and saying obscenities. She wanted to have a physical altercation.”

Depp described how Heard walked away and was finally able to lock herself in a room, then headed to the rec room where there was a pool table and bar.

“I went behind the bar, grabbed a bottle of vodka and a shot. I sat at the bar and poured myself two or three shots of vodka. It was the first time I had tasted alcohol in a long time. She reached for me and grabbed the bottle of vodka. She took a step back and threw it at me,” Depp continued.

“It went past my head and crashed behind me. I got up and walked behind the bar and there was a larger bottle of vodka, the kind with a handle. I grabbed that and sat down and opened the bottle and poured myself a drink and drank it. Miss Heard hurled insults left, right, and center. She grabbed that bottle and threw it at me. My hand is on the edge of the bar, tilted. She threw the big bottle and it made contact and it broke all over the place and honestly at first I didn’t feel any pain at all, I didn’t feel any pain,” Johnny said, later revealing that that was the moment he lost part of his finger.

“What I felt was heat. It felt like something was dripping down my hand and then I looked down and realized that the tip of my finger had been cut off. I was looking directly at my protruding bone. The blood was gushing and at that point I went into a kind of…I don’t know what a nervous breakdown feels like, but that’s probably as close as I’ve ever come. Nothing made sense. I knew in my mind and in my heart that this was not life. This is not life. Nobody should have to go through this.

“I started writing in my own blood on the walls this feeling of being in the middle of a kind of nervous breakdown, little reminders of our past that essentially represented lies that she had told me, lies that I had caught her in,” he revealed.

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Amber Heard put out a cigarette in Johnny Depp’s face

During his statement, Depp was shown a photo of the remains of his finger taken at the hospital while he was lying on a stretcher. Watching her, Johnny remembered another assault during the fight: Amber had stubbed out a cigarette in her face.

“I see a detail that I had forgotten. Miss Heard had taken my cigarette from the ashtray and put it out in my face,” she added.

According to Depp, once he was taken to the emergency room, he lied to the doctors and said he broke his finger on some accordion doors because he “didn’t want to get Miss Heard in trouble.”

This would be Johnny Depp in a hospital in Australia after a fight with his ex Amber Heard in 2015. She would have put out a cigarette on his cheek. The fight arose because she would have overheard him talking to his lawyers about a “post-nuptial” settlement

– Cecilia Martí (@cecimarti79) July 26, 2019 Johnny Depp did not leave Amber Heard because he threatened to “commit suicide”

When Depp was asked why he didn’t leave Heard after all the abuse he suffered, the actor revealed that he was afraid that Amber would take her own life, as the actress used to make comments about it if he dared to leave her. “She threatened to kill herself if I left her,” he said.

Considering that Johnny’s mother tried to commit suicide when his father abandoned them when the actor was only 15 years old, Depp points out that he really feared for Amber Heard’s life.

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