Translated From: Johnny Depp trial: “The truth never dies”

Discovered on: 2022-06-01 21:54:48

The actor Johnny Depp has spoken approaches the final verdict of his trial won against his ex-partner Amber Heard. In it he states that the jury “brought him back to life” by ruling in her favor. “After six years, the jury has given me my life back. I am truly moved,” he said in a statement via Instagram.

Amber Heard must compensate Depp, absent during the reading of the verdict because he was traveling in the United Kingdom, with 15 million dollars for damages. While Depp will have to pay him $2 million for claiming that what Heard said were “untruths.”

So in this statement Depp thanks all friends, family and acquaintances who have believed him for all these years before this final judgment that he has passed in their favor.

Objective: the truth

He has argued that the objective of the trial has always been “for the truth to be known”, since it is what he has acquired from his children and from those who have shown their support for him from minute one. “And I finally got it“.

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Also, in his first post-judgment intervention, has shown his gratitude to the entire team of the jury, to the judgehis lawyers and the ‘Sheriffs’ who have protected and “sacrificed” their time to reach this end.

The best is yet to come and a new chapter has just begun“, has concluded its official statement, accompanied by a Latin expression ‘Veritas numquam perit‘, the truth never dies.

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