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Jomari Goyso.

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Jomari Goyso spoke with Ana María Doria for Despierta América. And in this interview he talked about how he lived the altercation that he starred in together Ana Patricia Gámez. And he asserts that despite the consequences he would not change anything in his past, because only what he has lived has led him to be the person he is now. And this is how he grows and improves. Therefore he would not retrace the path he has trodden.

He admits that the reason why the discussion with Ana Patricia Gámez ands because she was his friend. If she hadn’t been, then nothing would have happened. “Ana Patricia was my friend. We were in a fight where I knew anything I said would hurt him. We went into an emotion that I could no longer control. And I decide to get up so as not to do something that could harm her, ”explained Jomari Goyso.

He added: “Obviously our friendship was damaged.” “Obviously we get along now, but there was something nice that broke. Because then after this many ugly things came ”, explained the Spanish critic.

The lawsuit occurred when Jomari criticized the dance of Ana Patricia Gámez, when she participated in the program “Mira Quien Baila”. And his comments were not well received by the television host. In the end to prevent the discussion from getting worse, Jomari decided to get up and leave the set.

Two years ago, Jomari admitted to seeing the video for the first time in August, four months after Christmas. He admitted at that moment that he saw him, because he is very fond of Ana Patricia Gámez. But Jomari did not flee from the problem, even when he retired from the set, he apologized not only to the producer of Despierta América, the public and Ana Patricia Gámez herself.

At present, Jomari Goyso affirms that they are more friends than before.

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