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Discovered on: 2022-03-04 07:07:03

“Could you say that Rosa Benito is a bad person? I don’t have enough elements to be sure. Could you say that she is a twisted person? Yes. With all the letters. With all of the law”, this is how the blog of this Wednesday of Jorge Javier Vazquez in the magazine ‘Lectures’.

The presenter of ‘Save me‘ did not hesitate to show his anger with the wife of Amador Mohedano after the collaborator of ‘Ya son o’clock’ retweeted that “the telenovela ‘Tierra Amarga’ is the ABSOLUTE LEADER in its broadcast slot like every day”, direct competition from the afternoon program of Telecinco.

“Never, I repeat, it would never occur to me to retweet anything that was against a program of the company I work for. But, of course, I am a professional,” he snapped against rose benedictadding that “Rocío Jurado’s widowed sister-in-law is showing that she has lost her mind. Because, no matter how much it stings her […] You shouldn’t forget that this program also saved you from financial ruin.”

Finally, he ends by saying that rose benedict “She lives installed in resentment and takes advantage of any reason to tear us down. “I have given this chain a lot”, I heard her say recently with high levels of drama. When a person is capable of pronouncing a phrase like that, it is that has lost the oremus“.

Rosa Benito, in ‘It’s already noon’

Already in ‘Save me‘, the presenter did not hesitate to refer to his writing and ask the chain to “take action”. “These are very serious things that have been happening and that are being allowed because here what has to be taken is already measures,” he assured.

Kiko Matamoros did not hesitate to speak out and ask that “there must be company discipline. Can you imagine that an employee of the English Court posts tweets discrediting the company and the product it sells? I would be on the street“.

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