Source: Joseline Diss the F out of Luenell so bad, Luenell whole family dragd Joseline back to the ALLEY

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43 thoughts on “Joseline Diss the F out of Luenell so bad, Luenell whole family dragd Joseline back to the ALLEY

  1. This is why our Black people cannot make it to the top because they always disrespect one another that’s why we are not going to stand together and be united

  2. I like this video I just don’t agree with some of the comments you’re making. Yes everyone is equal. But when you are in the same field and you are looking up to someone who has been in the field for years you need to respect them especially if they are older. Period

  3. Joseline don't respect no body! She sure do need her mouth watch with soap. Joseline don't have not 1 real friend! Mona Scott so happy she quit one of the reality shows !

  4. This pod cast person stupid to. Cause clearly she don't know what's going on and think they wrong for calling and dragging Joseline. Josefina husband literally ran up on them females on her show and you telling that woman nephew wrong for tryna put his hands on Joseline say the same thing to joseline husband tf. They ain't wrong they right for taking up for they family

  5. Gossip Girl Joseline should not have said shit,,,quiet is what she should have stayed from jump you supposed to respect who was before you and Lunelle wasn't talking to her or about her,,but we see who got offended

  6. Lunell was not talking to her, She was talking to people in general as a whole there are a lot of people snorting cocaine not just Joslyn Hernandes and if you know her and where she comes from you could understand why she made that statement…

  7. Well I do think that's wrong for her to be on her show, got her check, then after she got her check she talked about the show. like why even participate if you was gonna talk crap about it afterwards😊 She's too old for BS.

  8. Joseline is not black just uses black people for come up purposes why don't she take her rasist ass to telemundo and she allegedly is not a woman anyway ,that's why she's mad

  9. She was wrong to come for that lady and like she said the hit dog hollered.. she ain't have this for Tommie at all or J dyme.. Stevie made this person and while I like Joseline, nobody ever lied on her..

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