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Juan Osorio plans for his wedding to be spectacular like in soap operas (Photo: Instagram / @ soyevadaniela)

The producer Juan Osorio recently reported in a meeting with the press that he already has wedding plans with the 26-year-old actress Eva Daniela. The Mexican said that this 2021 he does not plan to reach the altar since he would not have time to prepare the ceremony but he could do it soon. “The other year, this is not enough. You have to make a novel to raise money and make the party worthwhile, “he confessed.

This he revealed to the questions of being a father again, so he confessed that it was not the time and he felt happy as he is with his girlfriend, he said that it is the moment of his life in which he feels more full and calm.

He indicated that he wants his wedding to be as spectacular as those of his soap operas “This is how it has to be and be sure that this is how it will be,” he said. In addition, the ex of Niurka Marcos said that the celebration would take place on the beach; however, he did not provide details of where he wants to get married.

The courtship between the famous producer and Eva Daniela surprised the entertainment world and on several occasions they have been criticized for the great age difference between them. One of those who does not believe in the relationship is Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who mentioned that the actress is with Osorio out of interest.

The couple has been criticized on several occasions (Instagram / @ soyevadaniela)

Last weekend the couple celebrated their 8 month relationship and both showed their happiness on their respective Instagram accounts, “Having another wonderful month, thank you love. And what has he got! ”Is the title of the publication by Osorio, who enjoyed Formula 1 with his beautiful girlfriend.

Both constantly share different photographs and temporary stories of their relationship and even of the moments that they show with Juan’s family.

In these images they received different comments from internet users, as some have been in favor and others against their courtship: “Romeo and his granddaughter”, “Poor man”, “Why do older men insist on walking? with young girls ”,“ There are many liars, she is too young and it is seen that she walks with him out of pure interest ”, among others.

For her part, Daniela assured that she plans to start a family with Juan Osorio when the time is right, she admitted that she does not want to rush things. “I have never had an expectation of age, that does not mean anything, I do not pay attention to that. In my case, I believed that I would remain single for life because the truth was that nobody called my attention, but when I met him it was an immediate click ”, she assured.

Let’s remember that at the end of August was the first time that Juan Osorio had to admit that he has built a strong emotional bond with the actress, since he is very much in love with her but for the moment they do not want a baby: “This is not the time, I am very much in love with Eva Daniela and I love her very much, but no ”, explained the producer of What happens to my family ?.

Eva Daniela assured that she always thought she was single until she met the famous producer (Photo: Instagram / @ soyevadaniela)

The rumor about the supposed arrival of a new member to Osorio’s family began with a photograph published by the same producer. Some versions affirm that Emilio will not have a younger brother from the paternal family, it would probably be his mother Niurka although it was only speculation.

Through a tweet, the soap opera producer caused a stir among his followers. “Face when you find out that you will have a little brother,” wrote Juan next to a photo of his son supposedly surprised by the news.


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