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Juan Pablo Medina spoke for the first time about the amputation of his leg and his state of health in an interview for GQ magazine. By sharing the cover of the magazine on Instagram, he has received thousands of comments and good wishes by being seen with his prosthesis.

“Let’s go team!” Was the brief message that the former beauty queen wrote in the actor’s publication where he shares the cover of the magazine.

Juan Pablo and Daniella use the same prosthesis

In the interview that Juan Pablo Medina gave, he shared that he used a “mechatronic” prosthesis with which he was able to play tennis again.

“There is a person who uses a similar one and she provided us with data from Ottobock, the German company that has been present in my rehabilitation from the first day. I have the Genium X3 prosthesis, which has the best technology, it is mechatronics. I was even able to go play tennis,” he told GQ.

For her part, Daniella Álvarez explained on October 27, 2021 how her Genium X3 prosthesis worked, which is controlled through an application on her mobile phone.

“I want to tell you that this has an application, look, it has the basic mode and I also chose to ride a bicycle, dance, ice skate, swim and run, these were the sports that I chose.”

The Colombian explained that when activating each of the sports she chose, the movements that the prosthesis allows her to do are different.

“When I walk she’s in walking mode, clearly, and my prosthesis unlocks when she realizes I put my heel in, she takes the step. […] When I give him riding a bicycle, look at how the foot flexes and so on with each of these modalities. My prosthesis is definitely the best and something else, it’s called ‘La Champetua'”, she revealed with a big smile.

Both celebrities are brand ambassadors for Ottobock, one of the leading companies in the field of prosthetics.

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