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The tension between Juan and Lupillo Rivera continues, a new war of declarations began on Friday, January 7, after ‘El Toro del Corrido’ spoke about the controversy of the family in El Gordo and La Flaca. He showed his support for his nephews and opined that his brothers should not ask for money.

“When you do a job and have nothing to hide, you show all the papers immediately […] But if I get angry it means that there is a problem and that should not exist, clear accounts of long friendships, that easy “and he added:” Now that they want to ask their nephews for money to be there, that does not have mad. .. the truth”.

He also mentioned that his younger brother’s children had a salary: “That for example Juan’s children received a salary too, that Rosie’s husband also received a salary, from what? I don’t know,” he told the show presented by Lili. Estefan and Raúl de Molina.

Juan Rivera is “willing to tear to pieces”

Juan was not silent and at night he did a live on his networks where he ventured his anger at what Lupillo said “without knowing”, he also flatly denied that both his children and Rosie’s children received a salary from one of the companies of Jenni Rivera.

“When I saw (the interview) I loved it … a lot and more because he dared to mention something about my children that is also false […] I don’t know if he invented it or if someone told him and he believed it too without knowing it, he began to say that my children and those of Rosie received a salary. I came out of Cintas Acuario ready to tear apart. “

Juan denies the accusations about his children

“You carnally judge me, people actually judge me without knowing why, I dare to say that it is very possible that Chiquis doesn’t even know why? Because they weren’t there, they don’t know how things were handled because you were in his things”.

He asked his brother to prove that his children received a salary from Jenni Rivera’s companies: “When someone receives a salary from a company there are check stubs, I invite you to draw one that has the names of my children or of the Rosie’s children. It is easy to let go of the tongue and speak, but it is extremely difficult to verify something that did not happen, “he said bluntly.

The alleged abuses and failures of Lupillo Rivera

Juan also reproached the problems he has had with his brother and revealed that the Rivera fracture did not begin with Jenni’s death, since she herself shared what she allegedly suffered with Lupillo.

“I have a whole life, complete receiving abuse from you […] You know what you have done, you know the accusations you made to your wife, the damage you have caused, you know everything you did with the children, with the nephews, you know what my sister lived with you, it is not good sail with the flag of Santito because then the truth comes out, “he said in the ‘live’.

According to Juan’s statements, ‘El Toro del Corrido’ accused him of having destroyed his career, something he also defended himself against: “No ‘Bro’, you did that. In 2004 you said that your first wife destroyed your career, in In 2006 you said that the media destroyed her, your second wife happened and you said that she destroyed her, in 2021 you said that I destroyed her […] When are you going to accept a responsibility from you? When ‘Bro’? “

Juan showed the camera a letter “written in his own handwriting” from Jenni where he allegedly tells her some things about what happened next to Lupillo: “People think this started right now, after Jenni left, no, this he is years old […] You know how you have failed my mom, you know it “and offered to give her a copy of the text if she wishes.

The producer acknowledges his mistakes and asked his brother “not to be innocent”: “You know what spilled the glass between you and me in April 2021, exactly you know, please don’t come to me with things that you are innocent, you are not, you know how you bought the house in Temecula, I know it too, “he said.

There is no possibility of reconciliation

Although the singer does not believe that things with his brother can reach an agreement, he made it clear that he has no grudge: “I do not hate him, I do not hate anyone, but I already know that there is no going back, that this relationship is just”.

“I could never trust him for what he did, for what he has done, for what he accused me of, we are family because we carry the same blood and because we are children of a father and mother, but we do not act as a family. makes a relative, loyalty makes you family. “

Juan shared his wish that his children never go through a situation like the one he is going through: “I ask God that my children never do what you and I are doing. […] I am ashamed and I am agitated with myself because how am I going to tell my children not to do this, I want to set a better example and this is not it. I don’t know where so much anger and so much hatred comes from, you are my older brother, you are supposed to take care of me, the net. It is more than clear that our relationship and the family will never be the same. “

“I am not the victim of anything or anyone, I am the owner of my decisions and my actions,” he concluded.

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