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Juan Rivera was not silent and reacted to those who accuse his wife Brenda of being the cause of his not making peace with some members of the family such as his brother Lupillo and the children of the late Jenni Rivera.

Everything was unleashed when on January 5 Chiquis Rivera pointed out to her uncles Juan and Rosie to demand a large payment from her brothers for the work they did in the companies of her famous mother, Jenni Rivera Enterprises LCC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LCC.

Juan Rivera does not keep anything and responds to those who accuse his wife

The youngest of the Rivera brothers, Juan, has been the subject of strong criticism on Instagram as some followers accuse him of “thief” after the statements of his niece Chiquis.

However, the accusations have already reached his wife Brenda, because there are those who call her “devil” for her alleged participation in the family conflict. A follower told her that a supposed psychic had spoken about her.

“She is the devil himself. She is bad for you. That your home is pure black and that you can no longer rule the home […] She is the one who does not let you make peace with your family,” wrote a follower on Instagram this Monday, January 17.

Given this, the singer replied: “Ha ha ha ha, cool. I don’t see those things because they are just as false as ‘El Chupacabras'”.

Although in recent weeks the producer has also been the target of harsh criticism for the situation within his family, there are those who have shown support for him and his wife.

“It’s amazing how much they hate you,” another follower told her, “and they don’t even know you, they really impress me, but well, she (Brenda) is the one you have by your side. That’s what matters.”

Juan Rivera responded with humor about how he feels about the attacks: “The net, ha ha ha ha. There is no anger, I’m ‘calm’ here!”

The alleged threat of Juan Rivera’s wife to Jenni’s youngest daughter

The name of Brenda Rivera, Juan’s wife, gained more force in this family dispute when Jenicka López, the youngest of Jenni Rivera’s daughters, insisted that she was allegedly threatened by her.

“‘You should be afraid, I want to go find you and fuck you to show you a little respect, Nina (sic) ungrateful,'” Chiquis’s sister wrote about the alleged message she received from Brenda Rivera.

“I would not lie, especially when it comes to death and threats,” he reiterated. Juan Rivera denied that his niece and her family had been threatened, as he had accused since a day before on Twitter.

In a press conference that he offered in Los Angeles on Monday the 10th, he summoned his nephews to file a complaint against him and his wife before the authorities if the alleged threat actually existed.

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