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For almost three hours Jenni Rivera and Lupillo Rivera’s brother, Juan Rivera, spoke and clarified various points of the conflict between the Rivera family. Your problems with Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and his brothers, as well as all the dimes and diretes that have been woven between Lupillo rivera and the. What’s more Juan revealed what his salary had been since he started working JRE.

The audit requested by Jenni Rivera’s children through Johnny lopez, the least of them, about the company he left Jenni Rivera It was the high point for all the problems that the Rivera were already dragging on. In the midst of so many accusations between each other on social networks and after a video that he published Chiquis Rivera placeholder image Recently, Juan rivera He decided to talk to the press and at the same time broadcast it live through his social networks. In it he made it very clear that, When he started working at JRE, his salary was just $ 682 biweekly.

(Go to minute 6:10)

He also explained what his roles were in the company that represented the legacy of Jenni Rivera: “My job as a plumber, driver, I took out records, managed, etc. As it was very little money, we reached an agreement that I would charge a percentage of everything that I created ”. Over time, Juan Rivera’s fixed salary reached $ 1,800 dollars, as expressed by the also singer.

The uncle of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He said he was paid but not fully paid for some of the things he created to keep Jenni Rivera’s legacy alive. According to Juan Rivera, he is still owed money of that. He categorically denied that he was asking for compensation, as Chiquis Rivera allegedly said, who he took advantage of to apologize, as well as the rest of the family for the painful situation in which they all find themselves.

Juan rivera He said that he received part of the payment for making “Jenni Vive”, but that there are still 7 years pending: “They must pay me …”, he said. He also said that he spoke with the new executor of JRE, Jacqie rivera: “I approached her and said: -Look, I’ll cut you 20 or 30 percent … Here are the emails … They owe me the new issues that have not been paid either …”, he added.

He also said that for him this conflict ended yesterday for the welfare of his wife and children. He even went so far as to assure that the money owed to him can be given to an orphanage, where the children are in great need. Juan Rivera was very worried and especially very sad about the situation, to the point that he burst into tears several times in the middle of the press conference when he asked his family for forgiveness, when he spoke to his children in front of him and told them that he is proud of them and especially when talking about Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, of whom he said that they had been treated like a father to a daughter for many years.

Despite the fact that all the media have always been aware of these conflicts in the Rivera family. On this occasion, it has been possible to read on various portals that everyone wants the problems in this family to stop because it is obvious the appreciation that many have for the whole family of the great “Diva de la Banda”, Jenni Rivera.

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