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Taken from Instagram @ julianroman1

In the morning hours of this January 7, the followers of the actor Edgardo Román learned of his death. At the age of 71, he was battling cancer that was described by his son, Julián Román, as “a difficult disease full of ups and downs” repeatedly.

Through Julián Román’s Instagram account, the actor shared a photograph of his father when he played the leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitán, there he wrote a heartfelt message with which he accompanied the postcard: “Good trip, my father!” As a tribute to a lifetime of work dedicated to art and acting.

Taken from Instagram @ julianroman1

Shortly after the image was released, several of the entertainment personalities who at some point shared the stage with the deceased actor or with his son left different messages of condolence, among which were Paola Turbay, Aida Morales, Juana Acosta, Omar Vásquez and Diego Cadavid.

“A big hug my Juli. I sent you a little message ”,“ I hug you, my Julian. In silence and absolute respect in your pain ”,“ Immense hug dear companion ”,“ Juli, a strong hug and a lot of understanding for this moment of transition. May the universe give you a lot of strength and fill you with love “,” Hug my Juli. Thanks to the teacher for so much legacy ”, were the messages of the celebrities mentioned above.

Taken from Instagram @ julianroman1

However, the tribute paid by the actor did not end there, because through his ‘InstaStories’, Román Jr. shared a photograph in which Edgardo Román is seen wearing an elegant black suit, probably from one of the dozens of novels which he recorded vintage, with an umbrella standing in the rain.

A broken heart stands out in the image, which denotes the deep sadness that Julián Román feels for the departure of his father.

On February 26, 2021, actor Julián Román gave an interview to the ‘SuperLike’ program of the RCN Channel, in which he referred to his father’s health and the strength he had to face chemotherapies.

“My dad has something that his friends say is an animal, when I say animal it is that his hair does not fall, they make him the chemo and the perfect hair, he is like a Creole ‘Wolverine’, it is impressive and I admire that strength a lot physics that he has, so that has helped a lot so that he is with his feet there ”, emphasized Julián Román.

However, this was not the only thing that the son of the deceased actor admired, as he mentioned in that conversation with the RCN News entertainment program that the isolation time due to the pandemic was very hard for Edgardo, since normally among his plans He had to go out for a walk in the park so “he was very desperate without being able to go, because he had to take great care of him.”

Another of the activities that he had to put aside due to the pandemic was teaching classes and that was what bored him the most, because to take care of him he almost had to take him out lined with a plastic bag.

It is worth mentioning that Edgardo Román has been receiving chemotherapies since last year, a treatment that was affected by the covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, Julián Román had already made a public complaint about the negligence of the health system that was violating his father’s rights.


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