Source: K. Michelle checks herself into a room, EXPOSE how she lost herself & freedom to Hollywood


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32 thoughts on “K. Michelle checks herself into a room, EXPOSE how she lost herself & freedom to Hollywood

  1. You getting pulled out of that life style. It's not what you want anymore. The thought of you losing yourself fully is taking a toll. You may lose everything to get back who you are but it will be worth it. Bless you K

  2. Yall dont stop and think all that shiiii that was injected into her butt ain't traveling and mixing with her blood 👀☕ this real and should be shown to all those women and men do that plastic surgery putting all those foriegn objects in their bodies , ppl say oh its silicon or saline well you know what it dont belong in our bodies 👀☕

  3. She doesn’t sound “delusional or “crazy” she is literally speaking her mind. Where is she showing signs of a “cry for help” she’s speaking her mind.

  4. No therapist,from nowhere in the World can give her what she need from God. I have always liked her. My thoughts of her (not that they matter) are that she was beautiful,is very talented,is somewhat messy,but seems to be honest and down to earth about her thoughts and feelings. When people reach for help they're criticized and labeled. When you sit around and just continue to let the ton of bricks hit you your a** is stupid and weak. People are afraid to speak their truth because everyone will turn on you no matter how much of a friend you thought they were. No matter how talented you are and s*** could've been all good just a week ago. None of that matters. People rather you lie than to tell the truth. That's the World we live in. You better believe in something because these days are numbered. She's not crazy,she is tired. This is her having a meltdown/breakdown. When you speak the truth people will turn their backs on you. The manifestation of evil will overwhelm you and try their best to make you believe that you are the crazy one. The industry is nothing short of a cult. I don't believe everything I read,but I am keen on research and I've researched enough to know it's evil amongst all those 💰 money bags!! The more zeros,the more evil. When you want to change yourself for the better they say that you are crazy and think you're better than,but when they have those strings hanging from you,you're everything to them. Let one of those strings break and watch how fast your a** becomes of no value and quickly replaceable.

  5. There's nothing wrong with her. K just want to be normal again. No, she's not crazy, she's only venting! People please STOP IT!!! Let people be themselves and stay in your own lane. I truly understand where she's coming from!

  6. Poor thing, she's at her wits' end- she's tired of all the vultures around her, they're draining her emotionally and financially (she said always picking up the bill). People always keeping tags on her and that's because they need to follow the money train and always know what that money train is doing. Sad situation. I hope that she can get out with some sanity 👍

    Also, KM, you don't represent all of us Black women (wanted to clear that up) and whatever you do, please do not reproduce and bring a child into your turmoil/struggle. The folks on her live are not being honest with her- "a baby" will not "soften" someone "up."❤️😳 🤦

  7. I see nothing wrong with her. She is just tired of acting Hollywood 24/7. I’m sure
    most celebrities feel like this but are pressured to act otherwise! I feel her though.

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