48 thoughts on “K. Michelle Roast fans, Lil' Nas X Father & Azealia Banks dragd Boosie by the roots, Amanda Seales

  1. His publicist is telling him the truth. There will be backlash. Black women are tired of seeing attractive black actors not with attractive black women. If it wasn't the majority it wouldn't be so negatively viewed.

  2. Amen 🙌🏾 K.M 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾do what you gotta do GURL 💯 you've been the bigger person long enough ,now it's your time to shine. Roost they ass til they burn 💯💯💯💯😂😂😂

  3. Nope i wudnt call the police , i got plenty of pow pows and it’s gonna. Be him in the bag! Trust me! I’ll report the Threat and that’s it! He threaten me and i had to defend my life

  4. Lil Nah is a true troll, he does anything and every thing for attention. Boosie did not say anything wrong, Boosie is on point with a lot of stuff that he says…some of the stuff comes out a bit incorrect— but, he's still not wrong…..just like Dave Chapelle with all the stuff that he said . K_Michelle needs to get herself some self esteem, she is a whole hot mess out here. Enough with face surgeries

  5. Gossip girl xoxo, Salutations Queen peace and blessings in abundance be with you and yur loved ones friends associates in yur circle, Wit dat said can k Michelle please not share her thoughts with everybody on social media and pursue mister man in private on her own personal time she is an very beautiful talented young sister, And aka is an brand for colleges around the country so they should not allow hbo abc or any other network create shows that gives their brand an black eye it's not right they would respond to if the foot were on the other foot, And to Wendy it's called karma she built her brand on negativity so the fact dat she is now suffering from it is no surprise to anybody the chickens have come home to roost periodt, I personally like boosie stand on Nas x bc the way this young man is being portrayed on the world stage is an wrong dead wrong on so many levels, He went on the breakfast club and said f__k yur kids girl come on sister this poster boy for the establishment deserves any kind of negative situation dat comes his way from now until when ever bc he should of known better, Look boosie is an throw back he's old school their are not alot of men like him around anymore he's trying to stand up for straight masculine men around the country which is why they support him heavy I support him too, I may not support violence he's portrayed against his daughter or baby momma but she knew who he was we all do when we engage into these types of relationships with men like boosie badass, Even if we don't see it in the beginning eventually we do and we need to act accordingly and make smart decisions to stay or go periodt. And we know why nas x so called daddy is speaking up what kind of farther was he dat his son is out on tv on the radio acting an damn fool and talking crazy, We know daddy is getting an little som som from his son who's prostituting himself for all the world to see really money makes ppl sell their kids their soul and everything else so the proud papa needs to have several seats we need real men not fake ones like his farther nas x is probably the way he is bc dad wasn't present in his life anyway, Oooo azelia banks said an mouth full she said everything dats needed to be said in an nut shell, She nailed it dats exactly wats been going on the hip-hop pipeline into the industrial built prison freeway ricky ross was an absolute example of dat along with big meech and others they created the problem then they turn around and arrest you for it, Who pumped cocaine heroin pills prohibition was the beginning of the end for black men across this country and has snow balled ever since and gotten an trillion times worse sense then, While all the while protecting the real kingpins or warlords and super predators and the hollyweird weirdos murders child sacrificing political establishment all these years it's been plan all along men and women serving time for the real international worldwide crime network dats be under our noses all this time doing things unthinkable unimaginable abominations we thought died out, But dave Chapelle wasn't making an homophobic slur he merely pointed out dat the baby got away with murder but caught hell for making gay remarks which is worse he spoke facts and I agree with him 100 percent when does an gay slur become more important than killing somebody really, And Tammy have several seats if you didn't like the treatment you received why didn't you go to an black owned hair store in ATL as if their are none girl the thirst is real you know you can't open anything without paying first in any store girl please stop it cut it out, Will they ever kill the show the housewives mess is so tired it's long over do they have done everything under the sun the storyline is all dried up I'm surprised kandi is leginmate business woman she needs to walk away it's time ppl been said she is boring along with the rest of the cast kenya is going thru another divorce supposedly it's time ladies marlowe story is what it's been an black eye for real southern women everywhere, Come on you know meg ain't ordered no food she got the money to hire an personal chef dats what I would do girl stop it handle it you know vegan soul food all kinds snacks and sweets, Drake I'm laughing this is the guy who use to stand outside of college boys locker room waiting to get in, But he in an strip club dats funny gossip girl go head girl be an ho if you want to be discretion is key don't tell nobody.

  6. Nah, they are not saying nobody should use it their brand they only spoke about this particular show and that’s not right. We do have freedom of speech. They’re actually paying homage and they were not being disrespected so please make like a porch and step 😂😂

  7. First of all NO YALL CANT just act like a member of a Greek organization. It’s disrespectful and it’s technically illegal in this type of manner. Everything is trademarked down to our pinky hand symbol. Anyway SKEE-WEE my sorors ! Often imitated , NEVER DUPLICATED . 💗💚


  9. Is her body and she can do what she sees fit but I just know for me I'm learning more to love myself for who I am and what I am and if a man don't like me for who I am and what I am then that's not the person for me I'm not going to change for nobody and especially not no man

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