Source: Kandi Burrus indirectly shades Tiny. Kandi enjoys topping (Strap) women in front of her Husband

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31 thoughts on “Kandi Burrus indirectly shades Tiny. Kandi enjoys topping (Strap) women in front of her Husband

  1. When I tell you candy Todd tiny and tip are going down the mayor is gone because of this b***** and this is why she don't want Phaedra back on the show because that will be the storyline

  2. I'm reading through some of the comments, & I must say there is nothing wrong with Kandi’s comments. There is nothing wrong with 3sums & everyone is consenting adults. If it is not YOUR freak factor, that's okay as well. Just don't knock someone who enjoys exploring other things outside the missionary position.

  3. Was there 3 in from of God!! Why they think its ok for 3 to be in the bed! The BIBLE said " 2 becomes 1 in marriage " Oh but he said nothing about the bedroom🤔 of yeah there's an word he given for that " ADULTERER " Why get marry SMH!!

  4. I don't believe that Kandi is shading Tiny, but when the tables turn and it's Kandi turn to be in the tabloids because she done tried too much in the bedroom, let's see if Tiny will share Kandi. And I bet not hear ANY of em say, nothing about "please respect my privacy"

  5. I think she was actually shading Porcha, because of allegations that she tried to drug Porcha and take her to the sex dungeon 😂😭 Kandi just saying all her activities are legal not forced lol

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