Source: #Kandi Burruss QUIT Real Housewives of Atlanta over #Phaedra Parks return! #RHOA #PHAEDRAPARKS

#Kandi Burruss QUIT Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 before episode 1 over #Phaedra Parks return! #RHOA #PHAEDRAPARKS

Full breakdown courtesy of MEET Magazine. Exclusive details from TMZ / It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper Podcast radio show!

#KandiBurruss interview reaction!

DISCLAIMER: The following information may not be 100% truth! This video has alleged information and is posted for entertainment, comedic and or parodying purposes!

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42 thoughts on “#Kandi Burruss QUIT Real Housewives of Atlanta over #Phaedra Parks return! #RHOA #PHAEDRAPARKS

  1. I wouldn't quit the show Kandi you been on there for years! And then again I don't blame you either! Being accused of drug raping someone is serious🤔

  2. Kandi and Cynthia hid Apollo’s belongings and the feds showed up to their house. Phaedra felt like them having his stuff was supporting him over her but they thought Phaedra knew about it. I could see how she felt a type of way about that, but the men had a separate relationship with Apollo. Get mad at them, not your girlfriends. And it certainly didn’t warrant a false rape accusation. God don’t like ugly. I hope she got rid of her vindictive tendencies because that was an ongoing issue with her.

  3. No one is the bad one I like the both Kandi doesn't have to quit I think she needs to be there too Phaedra she's okay . neither one should not guit Black Queens

  4. Oh and Candi and Porscha def got down but Candi didn’t take it shiiiiit freaky Porscha wanted every min of whatever happened. I don’t even like females like that and l think ld let Candi taste the 🌈

  5. Phaedra is not wrong for all the things that she said and done kandi. Kandi starts a lot of mess, she sits backs and try to play like she's an innocent woman in a lot of things. she talks about her friends behind their backs, she let her she let Mama Joyce do a lot of evil things to Phaedra she thought that was funny but little did she know Phaedra had a trick up her sleeve. I never was a fan of hers from escape but yes Phaedra should come back she hasn't did no more than any other lady on the show did it was okay when candy was talking about Porsha. And Nene had already warned everybody once before episodes how kandi was. And who's to say she doesn't have a sex dungeon she's friends with tiny and look at all the things they are doing to those young ladies money is evil it makes people do evil things say evil things and some people just try to turn their heads like nothing's wrong but please please please please bring Phaedra back.

  6. Nope don't bring her lyin self back at all way to extra messy kandi brings alot to the show see lyin again already kandi most definitely supported her and w.e kandi wanted to do and say she'll own it and wouldn't care that's the kinda real woman kandi is dont bring the liar bak

  7. Go Home. You can't come for a person lively hood and expect someone to give you a pass.
    She is a lawyer, a mortician and so called involved in a lot of chartiy work. Let her live somewhere else. She was just wrong!

  8. Go home Phaedra, because it wasn't just a little beef! Girl you started rumors and made accusations that could've had a bihhh investigated. Trying to destroy ones character is not the business!

  9. She did support Phaedra. All that was some bs where she was mad about Apollo messing with Kenya. It was Apollo fault. Kandi was on her side all the time. No I don't think Kandi was going to do anything to porsha and porsha knew it. Phaedra was trying to drag Kandi because she was mad about the Apollo situation. It's just so much. But it all started with Apollo

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