Source: Kanye punched someone? A breakdown

TMZ’s reporting that Kanye punched someone in downtown LA at 3am. There’s video of the aftermath. So we dive into the timeline of what was going on and how Ye went from the studio with Pusha T, ASAP Rocky, and the Game, to the club with Julia Fox, Madonna, AB, and Floyd Mayweather, to a physical altercation with a random person.


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35 thoughts on “Kanye punched someone? A breakdown

  1. I wonder if the "He's gonna fall for it" thing was for when they saw Kanye arguing and some dude laid on the ground and pretended to be hurt with those other people (Behind the camera) acting.

  2. ye in his bag rn. Hes dialed in big time and idk i sorta feel like he wants to drop something insane really soon after donda just to show kim, and the world, that hes better then ever and counting him out is a mistake. The best revenge agains kim rn is to be the biggest thing on the planet, something she cant compete with. Not even fucking pete Davidson will outshine a second masterpiece within a year. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Excellent commentary. Public will blame mental illness or whatever. We ALL have these moments. Especially during a divorce u don’t want and everything else. Ye found God and it’s not sweet easy sailing afterwards. It’s a battle every day. I can have a year of falling away from my faith before I realize it. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe etc. it’s life and human nature

  4. I mean if I was Ye in that situation I would have punched him. I mean come on if you see a dude that looks angry. Don't mess with him, and it was paparazzi so he's gonna be extra mad. I mean you've seen those videos of Ye yelling at paparazzi. Also, this whole situation is kinda sus too. Like in the first video you can clearly hear some say "He's gonna fall for it. Grab the camera." or something like that. Overall, if you see someone that is clearly angry about something. Don't mess with them, or else it will end with you getting punched.

  5. Ye needs to bring back his security, unfortunately there’s just too many snakes like TMZ in this world, wanting to see someone’s downfall just for clicks

  6. People need to take a step back and realize he's not crazy. They've probably felt the same way, just don't have random people following them around, asking questions, and taking pictures. Y'all probably would've snapped a long time ago.

  7. this just irritates me. people don’t understand that he’s just human. if he’s upset then stay away from him. if there’s some dude that’s mad ash at the club you’re not gonna walk up to him. there’s no context at all yet the camera is always on him. this is the whole reason people don’t like kanye

  8. If he just unloaded on someone because he was really upset about something else that's not ok. I hope he didn't really do this or that something really happened that caused him to do this, because yikes.

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