Source: Kanye West Goons Ran Down on DL Hughley at a restaurant with camera trying to make him apologize

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34 thoughts on “Kanye West Goons Ran Down on DL Hughley at a restaurant with camera trying to make him apologize

  1. Blak mails Blak mails!!!! So tell me again why he’s not after Skeet…!!!!! He knows who he cannot mess with!!!!! Keep taking them L’s

  2. Theophis ain’t ran up on know body for Kanye he went in the wash room with this man on live though so I feel that’s crazy he about to pull his peen out he was talking to him so long … with a name like theophis the media ain’t right what if this young be brutalized by the police lol Theophis

  3. DL Foully should mind his own business and stop from making disparaging remarks about anyone. He is putting himself and his family in risk. This is not a joke or a sketch comedy. I understand, as he's in desperate need of clout to save what's left of his career. Regardless of how much people detest Ye, he has demonstrated that he does not have fans but rather literal disciples, many of whom have nothing to lose. What people fail to understand is that there are many people who suffer from mental illness who, whether you agree or disagree, look up to Kanye, let alone genuinely love his music and identify with him, because they too live similar lives of mental suffering, never being understood or seen, and will vent their frustrations in a negative way without the warranted platform in order to demonstrate their devotion to Kanye. These are two men who are both great at thier craft, but this isnt a situation ideal with Mr. Foully and its concerning.

  4. Nothing to apologize for, Kanye is being called out for his sick behavior like everyone else is saying about him. Leave DL alone, Kanye probably hiring his henchmen to do his dirty work.

    Everybody has problems, Kanye's problem is that he is a narcissist, like Trump. Hes getting older and older and soon Chaney will find a new man, and he will become that annoying old man.

  5. If they fuck with DL he ass will disappear he should press charges on him and Kaye be careful following a man out the door it's a stand down law stand on their ass DL

  6. Kanye ain’t for the BM or the BW! His “preference” don’t even want his a$$ no more….
    You can’t approach old heads and think your life gone be okay after that!! These young men running up on older men?? They remedial as hell!!! 🤣😂😂😂😂

  7. Sue Ye make him pay for your security detail now. Only way to slap someone back to reality sometimes is by digging in their pockets. Definitely pick the best there is pay for it yourself and take his ass to court for reimbursement

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