29 thoughts on “Kanye West shades Jay – Z & re marry Kim Kardashian, Da Baby & Marilyn Manson together, K. Michelle

  1. GG did you forget that on the tour with the three large crosses lit with lights to looks as if the were on fire while she tweaking and the man singing dirty rap…

  2. Kanye West is suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder. He needs a massive amount of new attention all the time..
    I am surprised he hasn't completely melted down.

  3. Oh man K Michelle what are these women trying to look like I guess Barbie that's only a pretentious look especially if it's faux paying for kids she look cute though! Kanye is not going to make it to a presidential seat the new trend these days are lying scamming and faking shish those two are so full of bull taking all those fools money him and JZ !

  4. This commentary is completely stupid…

    First of all.. Cardi B told a broad she hope her and her whole family die of aids .. no backlash.. yet Da Baby been staying slandered ..

    This particular blogger has the nerve to call somebody fake ..

    Clearly the blogger didn’t listen to the music either .. it’s pretty religious

    The hate is real.. and starts within .. this blogger is the hater of all things heterosexual male lol

    Your channel has more of an “agenda” than Kanye.. also
    More “ fakery” but whatever

    We live in a world where the real is covered with fakery and surgery and false storytelling lol

    Who cares if Jay Z and Bey wanna be friend with him again.. he got more money and influence lol

  5. The Bible says in the last days many people will be deceived.
    When you have a relationship with God West cannot fool anybody except for people who don't know God.

  6. Matthew28:19-20 Therefore go, and make disciples to all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son and holy spirit;teachings them to keep all things which i have commanded you; and bedhold i am with you every day, until the end of the world Amen

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