Source: Kanye West suspended from Instagram | 24-hour ban

Instagram decided to suspend Kanye for 24 hours after posts he made about Pete, Dave Sirus, Trevor Noah, and DL Hughley. Wild. We look at some of the posts that got him in trouble, reflect on the necessity of the Oxford comma, and some of the reactions from The Game, French Montana, and Fivio Foreign.

New Kanye ig post from WestSubEver

New Ye Post about Dave Sirus from WestSubEver

Kanye shares Pete’s tramp stamp from WestSubEver

he still performing LFG from WestSubEver

Praising Michael Che from WestSubEver

new ye post lmao 👀 from WestSubEver

the caption got me crying from WestSubEver


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49 thoughts on “Kanye West suspended from Instagram | 24-hour ban

  1. Just sounds like Kim’s PR team working overtime. Funny how in the media, everything is worded to make Kanye the villain and Kim the victim.

    They’ll call him crazy, a domestic abuser or off his meds in an attempt to make anything he says be meaningless even if it’s the truth.
    Where I do agree is that a lot of this is his problem, he married Kim and chose to have kids with her, and he’s gotta accept the consequences.

    But then for all these others celebs to come out, follow that same media narrative of attacking Kanye and then try to make him shut up for dealing with these consequences is insane.

    His wife leaves him and hooks up with one of his friends and causes issues with seeing his children. There’s a reality there that both sides have confirmed, but if Kanye speaks out on it, everyone comes out and calls him a domestic abuser. He dates other women while Kim is with Pete and they compare them to Kim trying to make him look looked he’s desperate. He calls Trevor Noah a c**n for obviously being hypocritical, and he gets banned off instagram (despite the many who have called Kanye the same word getting no repercussions).

    Don’t get me wrong, kanye definitely does get into his emotions a bit and it can come off badly but to look at all this and to just label him an abuser or crazy is exactly what the media and whoever is paying or influencing them want you to think.

  2. I was a Kanye fan all the way back to the Jesus Walks and Golddigger days, but not anymore. I signed the petition. I'm a survivor of domestic abuse, harassment and stalking and I can not condone his behavior, it's disgusting! The amount of people who are defending him is just unreal to me.

    Abusers should not be given a platform and celebrated!

  3. This is so embarrassing. Kanye is so classless and he will never be at peace till he dies. He doesn’t care bout his kids, mental health, his fans pretty much nothing. He just using them as a ploy to try and get Kim back. He’s losing it and when all this stuff finally catches up with him, he’s gonna lose complete custody of his kids and he’s not gonna have anyone to blame except himself!

  4. Kanye was called a coon by TI on Instagram in 2018 after he went to visit Trump in the Whitehouse He wasn’t suspended. Ebro and literally everyone on black Twitter and IG called Kanye a coon they weren't suspended. This is insanity. And the fact that the media got to know about the Ban before Kanye did is just

  5. What you don't understand is that it's not a matter of presentation, it's a matter of the victim ladder or witch political views you hold. If kanye was a hard core liberal and supported Obama this would've been a different story

  6. Man y'all Kanye stans make me sick. Kanye needs help but y'all fans can't see that. Y'all support the absolutely pathetic behavior he has displayed. There's nothing funny about being the stalker ex husband.

  7. I thought Trevor Noah’s response was very genuine and heartfelt. Apart from the last part about that word. If he really felt what he wrote there he wouldn’t work for a network owned by the wealthy white man 1% , and present a show that is always trying to divide and conquer.

  8. I hated it when people try to explain what someone else was thinking, trying to say, really meant etc. Especially when you have no personal connection with that person(s). And most especially when the person you're speaking for has demonstrated mental dysfunction like ye.

  9. I personaly dont care. I'm here for the music and fashion, but I pass the kardashian drama.

    I have a feeling it is all staged, and Im not tryna feed the negative marketing.

  10. Normal people get suspended for typing FCK or B00bs…. This looney making death threats, harrasing and now racist hate speech…??? 24 hour ban is a slap on the wrist

  11. Yo Chris, just want to say I really appreciate you being here to tell the opposite side from everyone else. They’re ruining bipolar credibility, meds don’t work for everyone. Thank you for helping me maintain the confidence Ye has given me

  12. Funny how in 2018 the word that rhymes with Moon was used a lot on that very same platform when referring to Ye, and wouldn’t ya know it, accounts kept on accountin’.

  13. Tbh The Game and Fivio seem to be massive dick riders. They’re the kind of people Ye doesn’t need around him, they’re perfect examples of yes men and they only do it because they know Ye makes their music more popular

  14. Instagram should look at it like this bullying will not be tolerated by any so you want Kanye to stop I agree. Kim wants the harassment to stop. Pete wants peace. You say he’s unstable then why did Pete send a pic saying I’m in bed with your wife. That just provoked what you say you want to stop I can’t believe it’s went on this long with anyone involved. People get suspended for just a comment. Not this that’s went on for weeks. Threats to each other. Then the other party responds. Everyone needs to be stop period. Like high school bullies going on social media then others get involved takes sides and it goes on and on.

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