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In a country where, in a majority way, the monarchy is a British reality assumed as essentially as the Sunday barbecue or the gambling houses, the members of the royal family have two ways to please the citizens. They can behave with the tedious professionalism and decorum that the most monarchists expect of them. Or they can build a style and an image that even the less traditionalists can identify with. Kate Middleton, who will turn 40 this January 9, has achieved the feat of shining with both strategies. Nothing has been the result of improvisation, but the pandemic, paradoxically, has allowed the Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of the United Kingdom to display the fruit of years of patient preparation.

On December 8, charitable organizations, teachers, emergency services workers, medical personnel and members of the Armed Forces gathered at Westminster Abbey. The Royal Carols: Together at Christmas show was an idea conceived and sponsored by William of England’s wife, later broadcast on Christmas Eve on ITV. A way to pay tribute “to the incredible work of individuals and organizations across the country who stepped forward to support their respective communities during the pandemic.” Kate Middleton appeared in a deep red fitted coat-dress from Catherine Walker. From the same firm that his late mother-in-law, Lady Di, chose so many times. The “princess of the people” was buried in 1997 with the black dress that Walker designed for his visit to Pope John Paul II, in 1985. The model Beau Tie, the one that Kate was wearing, has come from the creativity of Said Cyrus, the husband Iranian from the late designer. Like Diana, Kate is immensely popular. She is a fashion icon, and the nation adores her, “said Katie Nicholl, the biographer closest to the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate. The Future Queen. Kate. The Future Queen. Ed. Hachette Books). “I don’t think she ever aspired to be like her late mother-in-law, although she has clearly been inspired by her work ethic and dedication. She is also ‘the princess of the people’, but in her own version, “Nicholl explained to Closer magazine.

A much more traditional version, but one that does not renounce the connection with popular culture. The surprise of the night was Kate Middleton at the piano to accompany the Scottish singer Tom Walker, when he performed For those who can’t be here. The tension and seriousness transmitted by the Duchess, aware that neither a key nor a note could fail in that staging, did not play against her. Upside down. That was the touch of “professionalism.” The one of “popularity” gave it to appear next to Walker, who with his beards, his wool cap, his torn voice and his honeyed lyrics is as much to the taste of the British as Ed Sheeran or Adele. And the connection with the unconditional ones was achieved with that affectionate exchange of glances, with her husband, while they both listened to Ellie Goulding -the same one who sang at her wedding- interpret Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

The university love of William of England, who according to legend did everything possible to coincide with him at the University of St. Andrews, and ended up winning him by parading -for a charitable cause- with a chiffon dress that made his intentions transparent, she has finally seduced the traditional British press by fulfilling the role of mother and wife to perfection. The video with which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared their tenth wedding anniversary was the closest thing to a Barbour ad: a celebration of country life so much loved by the English middle class and the institution of the family. William, Kate, and their three offspring, George, Charlotte, and Luis, among the reeds and dunes of Norfolk Beach. Or between family games in the garden of your country house. 95,000 ‘likes’ on Twitter. He surpassed the 85,000 in the photo of Guillermo, Kate and Jorge, celebrating England’s first goal in the World Cup final. Again, Kate, in red. This time with a Zara blazier. On the occasion of his 40th birthday, he has not been able to resist the temptation to show his favorite color again in some spectacular photos that will become part of the National Portrait Gallery, taken by the photographer specialized in fashion Paolo Roversi.

The Duchess of Cambridge attends the ‘Together at Christmas’ community carol service on 8 December in London.Samir Hussein (Samir Hussein / WireImage)

Faced with the excesses and fuss of Enrique and Meghan Markle, who disturbed the peace of the Windsors at the beginning of the year with their television interview with the presenter Oprah Winfrey, Kate has maintained the phlegm that many Britons demanded. While her husband jumped before the cameras to deny that his family was racist, as his brother and sister-in-law had claimed, Kate kept quiet. He kept his composure. She avoided entering into the accusations of the Duchess of Sussex, who pointed to her as the cause of her misfortunes.

Delighted to share a new portrait of The Duchess ahead of her 40th birthday tomorrow.

This is one of three new portraits which will enter the permanent collection of the @NPGLondon, of which The Duchess is Patron.

📸 Paolo Roversi

– The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) January 8, 2022

The Duchess of Cambridge has won the affection of Elizabeth II, whose 95 years and a health that is beginning to fail, have made her transmit more and more representational functions to the most relevant members of the family. And among these are Camilla Parker-Bowles, the wife of the heir Charles of England, and Kate Middleton. The whole nation could see the elegance with which she brought together her husband and brother-in-law, two increasingly estranged brothers, after the funeral of Philip of Edinburgh, in the chapel of Windsor Castle. Kate, whose green eyes on the black mask were among the most sought after by photographers during that ceremony, walked behind them to let them talk.

The duchess’s detractors continue to see her as a rigid and not very spontaneous woman; almost an artificial product made to fill a mold. But on the verge of turning 40, the majority of Britons see more and more in this woman, together with her husband Guillermo, the guarantee of stability – necessarily boring stability – of an institution that in 2021 has suffered serious ups and downs. and setbacks. When last October Kate Middleton, who came to confess years before that speaking in public destroyed her nerves, presented the Earthshot award for sustainability and environmental recovery to the Republic of Costa Rica, her speech, well basted, her expressiveness, calm but alive, They gave many citizens to understand that the Duchess of Cambridge had already found her voice on the eternal open stage that is the British royal family.

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