Source: Kelly Price EXPOSED, she's DELIBERATELY dodging her Sister & keeping her marriage a FAMILY SECRET

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38 thoughts on “Kelly Price EXPOSED, she's DELIBERATELY dodging her Sister & keeping her marriage a FAMILY SECRET

  1. She acted as if she was more irritated than anything🤦😠unacceptable behavior.her dude is probably a freakin handler she better be careful cuz at the end of the day you only have yo family these folks gone crack under pressure cuz there lives be at stake so its best to have an outlet you can trust and not people whos probably under oath just like them

  2. Soooo where's all this commotion when. I start dodging ppL 🤭 KP don't want to be bothered sosree . Something is a trigger for her . I'd rather one walk away the. Have to yell, put 🐾 or go to jail ⛓️ Than interact with what triggers her. If she start cussing and windmilling The. That's another thing for the media to talk about 💥….NEXT

  3. Kelly Price is in error and it is the classic situating when a man or women gets into an unhealthy relationship and didn't want to be embarrassed, because everyone had told her in the beginning that it was a bad idea. She had isolated herself, so that no one can know what is really going on.

  4. Any time a woman sneaks and marry then fails to inform family of this marriage tells me that her family is not feeling said man, hence the secrecy. Why not inform her grown kids of her whereabouts?

  5. To hell with the sister I don't talk to my sister. Family is not all that all the time. Kelly is a grown woman she owes nobody nothing. She will get around to talking to them when it's time. I haven't talked to my sister in a while. And I haven't seen her in 15 years. I have a life to live she has a life to live but we still love each other. Like I say Kelly owes no one no explanation. Sometimes you have to live your own life. As long as that man is not abusing her she's fine. But black women like to stay in people's business get your own man. Get your own life.

  6. If a grown woman allow another man to turn her against her kids then I can’t support she to damn old to be looking for love in all the wrong places then it’s got her looking crazy out here with kidnapping drama all type of shit

  7. Her sister said it you can love your husband and your family too. It's called balance which obviously isn't the case with Kelly. I hope she can reconnect with her children one day.

  8. Even if they haven't spoken in years the fact that she was so sickly close to loosing her life will make most relatives reach out in concern. I also wouldn't isolate my children in a time like that

  9. Thank You GiGi for bringing us this new update!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🏆
    Yeah…. Word on the curb: Kelly married that domestic abuser dude (Darrell Lynn Crump, Jr.) Nov 1st, 2020!!! His arse will be trying to get her money, then dump her next!!! 😕
    Glad she’s alright, but she gave the entire world a scare!! 😱 We were genuinely worried about her fate.
    I still wouldn’t trust that weirdo husband as far as I could throw him!!!

  10. These the type of situation where everybody should keep their own opinions in their pockets cause nobody really knows what they really have going on in they family if she not messing with her family that’s on her for her reason and don’t have to explain to nobody everybody feel like they entitled to an explanation

  11. When I first heard that lady keep saying we all we got. I knew Kelly was running from her crazy controlling ass. First who made u the mother figure? Family can be very invasive if you allow it. I knew that she was only hiding from her.

  12. Kelly had already expressed that she hasn't spoke to her sister a whole year. That she is in contact with her kids, that Brat said Kelly are not talking to her sister

  13. Look I dont play into that she's grown mess. She has an responsibility and obligation to let her love ones know of her well being. Especially her offspring. How awful the children and sister felt not knowing anything. Kelly Price was selfish in this entire ordeal. And that's that.

  14. I tried to tell ya'll. As I said in a prior post. Everybody with these conspiracies theories and blaming the boyfriend/husband was just looking for a story and clout. Everybody may not rock with they family so what you may do others may not.

  15. You can NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOUR HEAR. Kelly and her Sister has be estranged for more than a Year. Family can Be A Big Problem in your life. Especially Your Sister from My Experience

  16. The whole thing is shady. Who doesn't let the family know what's going on especially her children if no one else. I look at Kelly Price in a different light now. No one or no thing is going to keep me from getting in contact with family like I said especially my children.

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