Source: Kelly Price is crying, feels BETRAYED by her Sister & reveals she DIED and came back from the DEAD

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50 thoughts on “Kelly Price is crying, feels BETRAYED by her Sister & reveals she DIED and came back from the DEAD

  1. Where is the betrayal. You have her your family was concerned and worried about you, but you call it betrayal. Are you shittin me? She saying that people who can say something can't because of HIPPA LAW. All they had to do was verify that she was ok. Hell they could have brought her to the screen door. If he daughter hasn't seen her, how was she manipulated. There is something not right about this.

  2. This is disappointing. 18 family members have died. Lord Bless their souls🙏 You would think the family would start mending their differences. I went through a lot with my sister but I would not publicly let people know even when she didn't deserve it. Yeah something not right. God don't do Evil!

  3. Her PR people need to be fired for letting the lie of her missing get out of control. Her daughter was concerned as any child would be about their mother. It's not manipulation, but concern Kelly. I hope she continues to heal mentally and physically.

  4. They're talking about her sister said nothing about kids Kelly was betray because his sister talked to her kids into believing disappear and don't act like black people's don't have family members they don't f with🤔🙄😳

  5. where in the Sam hell do you live at, I thought you would be protected like behind a damn gate, like how is fans, able to get to yo damn door bell, & ring it even once(I would have came out shooting right then), (hell even your family, and limo drivers, should only have access to be able to ring your damn gate) let alone get to your doorbell, and your neighbor's doorbells, to be able to ring them, at all times of the night, to the point you have to leave, you ain't never heard of a pistol❔❓⁉️, GIRL you need to call me, I need a hook you up, and tell you the real, hell you ain't even supposed to be able to see your damn neighbors house, like where in the Sam hell, are these celebrities living nowadays, even if your not packing like that (💲💰) to be in a mansion, which you should be, because you got enough money, it's still something called, gated communities boo, po thang, they got this child living like to see on R&b hip-hop ATL, like Tommie & KK, instead of living like, NeNe Leakes, or Kandi Burruss she's on the Real housewives of ATL, I mean a worse come to worse, at least you can get you a house like Porsche's, and the woods, where can't nobody see it, that way they don't know your mortgage ain't but $500.00 a month, dang I feel so bad for you Kelly, call Mona Scott, just tell her you're in dye your needs, that you will pull some hair and throw some drinks, is she can least get you somewhere up to Karlie Redd status, were you can get one of those secure credit cards, with a $500 limit 🤷‍♂️

  6. Kelly Price karma is finally catching up to her. She always been kinda off putting and really isn't that nice in person. I don't believe her crying does anything except to make her look further crazier than she already is.

  7. It's one in every family that act like Kelly sister I have one & who don't speak at all so when I seen this I'm like she just wanna be seen girl take several seats.. And far as her kids go I think they knew what was going on & just wanted to be funny

  8. So you died and they discharged you to go home and he gave you meds and the doctors told him what to do to make you better and tinker bell waved a magic wand and the Easter bunny hopped through the room before Santa slid down the chimney! My point exactly! NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE! First on to do list for an abuser, isolating u from your family. IJS!

  9. That’s no reason to leave your family in the dark about your well being. This is crazy-sister from this point on, F’ck her, her health, and her man. And her ass didn’t die! Makes me think it’s a publicity stunt. Girl stop! She’s LYING!

  10. Clearly you guys need some excitement in your lives! The woman said to LEAVE HER ALONE! Grant her peace and pray and walk the FCUK on! Get you some business and stay out of hers! Do you Kelly! I need more music!

  11. Something ain’t right. Praying for your deliverance from the people around you who mean you no good. All you had to do was notify your family. Never choose a man over your kids. PERIOD!

  12. Im glad that she is ok and recovering….but that whole situation couldve been nipped in the bud when the police came by and then the report was filed (at that point you gotta say something)..even if you dont talk to your sibling atleast send out a msg to someone if not her to let everyone know your ok an to respect your privacy…. this couldve been fixed so this didnt even have to go to social media and be made into such a disappointing and devastating situation especially in the times we are in right now..

  13. When I stumbled across Kelly's IG regarding her Hertz situation months ago I could tell something was off with her. She's telling her personal business on IG again. Her PR or someone in her camp could have contacted her family or put out a statement to the media since she was reported missing. Her husband could have done that. I don't want to hear another public announcement from Da Brat. 😒

  14. The fact that some of y’all really on her encouraging the separation between her & her sister. This is one of the main issues with families now. Yes we don’t know everything that’s going on but why not encourage togetherness & healthy communication? & idk Kelly you wrong for having everybody worried ESPECIALLY your kids. Get away from that man chile because obviously something isn’t right in the pudding

  15. I'm disappointed in Kelly Price smh. Kelly Price didn't handle this properly. If she had the decency,she would've contacted her kids for her welfare check. Instead she had other people talking for her. Kelly got married and the husband didn't tell her family either? Disrespectful and suspicious.

  16. Love Kelly, but she is the one who put her situation in the public. She is a celebrity, just like she would want her fans to come to her concerts is the same way her fans is going to want to know if she is doing well. I don’t understand the anger.

  17. Yes it's absolutely unnecessary for fans to show up to her house and it's disrespectful, but she does not realize she could have avoided all of this by simply stating "I'm here and I'm alive & safe".

  18. Kelly price mad cause they dug and found out she married that creep. People killing people every day she ought to be glad they was even looking for her. Kelly is messy as hell

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