Source: Kelly Price spotted at LAX airport, R. Kelly gets Dragd, Reginae pregnant ? K. Michelle diss workers

#reginaecarter #kmichelle #kellyprice #rkelly #RayJ swiped his Instagram clean and left us with an interesting bio. 👀 #Socialites are you ready for single Ray J?
#Roommates, let’s continue to send our prayers to #NeNeLeakes as she continues to deal with the passing of #GreggLeakes.

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33 thoughts on “Kelly Price spotted at LAX airport, R. Kelly gets Dragd, Reginae pregnant ? K. Michelle diss workers

  1. I think one Elvis and Presley marriage there wasn't laws back then in America you could really marry a young girl and even back then black girls were getting married at 17 years old

  2. She should buy herself some acres of some prime real-estate, I mean I don't know what she do for her coins, but 28 acres is a the investment that keep on giving…but for YOU, not yo boyfriend! I couldn't wouldn't do it. But that's just me!

  3. If you do your homework,You would see that Robert was raped by a neighbor good bully when he was 8. Also raped & molested by his sister who was sixteen and he was she started when he was like five. Also he had got shot you're not shut his mom died this man been through the wringer m4u bloggers to not do your homework and depend on other bloggers and you take bits and pieces from what they've done you're not reading the whole thing you only taking out what you personally think of him or personally did but it's not true those ladies are con artists Miss Gigi get the transcript I love you I love your channel but when you're saying things that's not true that make me look if you about your channel but I do love your channel of your content but just do your homework more thoroughly get them transcripts I'm telling you get them transcripts from R.Kelly trial it was a biased judge who went into the room of the jurors and told them that they were going to come up with a guilty verdict or they won't be going home and this was after nine hours of them being in their those were their exact words so R.Kelly was railroad we're frightened for the law we're fighting for justice you are a going on personal feeling this fight that we're doing is for justice he did not get his due process he's been in jail for two-and-a-half years and was not charged with anything during those two-and-a-half years of him being incarcerated and was not given a bond most of his Amendment rights were violated The lgbtq are responsible for what's going on with women going after men they want these masculine men out of here especially those that have money nowthis attorney Gloria Allred went after chat Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Cuba Gooding, Bill Cosby, R.Kelly, Kwame Brown the list goes on & on. We are fighting for all black men. It could be your Father, brother, cousins, or uncle guys are scared to even give there best girl friends hugs peck on each cheek all that best girl friend have to do is say he touched me that man going to jail even though he only peck on each cheek like they've always done when seeing each other Then here comes the me to movements. & men are scared to date go to the movies go to a club. Damn there even scared to hire a woman. Do your homework. Ms Gigi check out Prima Donna channel & Spittin Fires channels then you will see what this fight is about.

  4. When we get Robert out of this, all you BLOGGERS will be sued for defamation of character. So hold that tung sweet cheeks & know he don't sleep with boy's nor men. Girl get you a damn man & stay out of people business. Cause you be reporting fake content start researching for yourself

  5. Those woman are felons that are conartise manipulators hired by Gloria Allred grooming young ladies on what to do & say to sleep with a celebrities black man, then sue them these girls went to far. You need to send for the transcripts, get a book called "daddy's lil freak" sex me, & the movie taken.
    You need to shut up. & do what u claim to be a reporter. Stop getting what you hear from white news & investigate more before you get on here making a fool out of your self Spitting lies. 18 is grown & consintual age 17 is to there were no young girls those woman were in there 30's except Az but she was @ consensual age.

  6. It’s sad but it’s so… the black Christians don’t care either …who cared about Kelly Price before this . People began to fake care when she started trending… tf 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. These celebrities are crazy as hell, kelli dies and don't want her kids to see her when she wakes up, Tamar smilin cuz her hair is growing back, Cardi B got somebody else face and body smh who's next

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