26 thoughts on “Kevin Gates Flïrts Wit Summer Walker In Front 0f Her BF😳& This Happened‼️

  1. He may low key starting to be a fan 🤩of hers. (Even though he’s a celebrity it still can happen)
    And he couldn’t help himself. Also, she may be growing more in fame 🤩and may eventually need body guards.

  2. The way he touched her was not sexual, and her dude does not care he definitely has other women.
    And if he passed up on Alexis sky then he def would do this same with summer.

  3. I don't think he was flirting h just introduce himself for business purposes he knows she's poping she knows he's poping and it can help both their brands

  4. In my opinion Summer look like she didn’t know who he was and she have social anxiety so it probably made it seem she was uncomfortable by her expressions js but if she had a problem with it she would’ve been went on social media and said something i like Kevin gates will maybe next time he know not to get that close to somebody that barley know who you are

  5. What I think is it is a damn shame how people always assume the negative.. 🙇🏿‍♂️a person just can't say hello to someone a man can't be a gentleman to a female without being a flirt?? A woman can't be a lady and kind without being a hoe?? What is this world come to 🤦🏽‍♀️ what if he wants a feature with her her to be on one of his songs and in return he could be on one of hers 🌟

  6. At this point I wish summer say something I really feel like Kevin didn't mean any harm I fw both and it is loud in the club yall act like he touched her inappropriate touched her butt or something obviously her man didn't feel no type of way people try to make nothing into something cuz some don't like kevin and why yall keep bringing up his marriage how do yall know they don't have an understanding

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