36 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole gets EXPOSED by brother Sammy, "She was in LOVE with me" Lauren London gets a new BBL ?

  1. This story is told all wrong. He said Neffi was the one who was in love with him and she also was the one who sexually assaulted him. Sam was right there in the front. When they released the doves and butterflies he was right there in the front. LoL this is a backwards story. 🤣

  2. Hmm, I would have to speak with him or hear him speak to say whether or not he's got mental health issues (I work in the field).

    I believe what he said about them being "embarrassed" by the mother- she was a d-ug a-ddict and many times children and other members in families feel ashamed of these family members. I am quite sure the mother was a hot m-ss during those times and they have scars from that.

    I will say that situations like this can happen in families- so don't discount his story just yet. Family secrets are just that, family secrets, remember no one is exempt from behaviors that others might see as unbelievable because of who they are …

  3. this was so annoying, you using to many words, just get to the point!! I can not subscribe, I was so annoyed waiting on the story. I’m going to head on over to true tv “your source”,

  4. He might be, sick in the head but that do not mean he is not telling the truth, but I think this ,did happened, because, woman have sick sexual feelings to,so do not just brush off what he is saying , I believe they was a shame of there mother ,and they just used her for the show, so just investigate more ,before you just say well he lying, not to say he's telling the truth, it's just that he might not be lying

  5. This is some nasty, trashy,bs..Sammy just trying to get paid, cause he can't take from mommie no moe…. Keisha keeping doing you,and taking care of kids…love you girl!!!

  6. I believe him that show was for entertainment people's let you see what they want you to see people's don't know keshia's family that show is for entertainment only they are entertaining you guy's we don't know what goes behind close doors

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