Source: Khloe Kardashian MOVES ON with Trey Songz After Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal.. Wrong Road Khloe

Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s star, Khloe Kardashian is getting back out there in the dating market after she was sighted with Trey Songz. This comes after the tumultuous cheating scandal that plagued her relationship with Tristan Thompson and newest baby mama, Maralee Nichols.

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48 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian MOVES ON with Trey Songz After Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal.. Wrong Road Khloe

  1. I think she needs to get to know her biological dad, Alex Roldán and it will help her understand herself and her feelings, shame on Kris Jenner for the fascade she created and has turned out to be so damaging for Khloe’s self image!

  2. Their taste for men leave alot to be desired all the Kardashian women including the mother they want to look like they stepped out of Vogue but their taste in men is garbage. Their all messed up in the head what goes around comes around. She should concentrate on her daughter she should wake up period they all don't have any self esteem at all. If they want true calm in their life get closer to God that is the answer he will carry them through and ask him for a Man of God and he will give them that in his own time but for now be grateful to be alive and be grateful for all they have been blessed with because there are alot less unfortunate out there a whole lot. Personally I'm sick of all the BS about them being put out there no one is interested in them their overly blessed and their still not happy that's what happens when you have too much nothing is a challenge anymore. Try prayer and pay some of their riches forward to the needy. 🙏

  3. Khloe has a history of getting involved with men who are either A.) In trouble or B.) Involved with other women when she gets them. Lamar was with his kids mom,French Montana was involved with someone,and Tristan was with his kids mom and repeatedly cheated on her. I get she wants love,I get what her type is but why is she still not learning from this? You'd think she'd learn her lesson but so far Khloe has proven she'll make the same mistake 5 thousand times!

  4. You really should not do shows about the K family. You clearly do not like them. It is bad to keep putting down people you do not like. Be careful. Its just bad.

  5. These people have money that would get you a lifetime of therapy that some of us wish we have. But i guess fame, money and relevance is more important than good mental health.

  6. Really who gives a rats ass about her or any other of them don’t mean to be rude but there’s nothing authentic about these people except they have money BUT MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL 👿

  7. Wow I thought she was the smartest….at least she has fhe biggest mouth but damn shes stupid when it cones to men…..damn girl….she must be. Addicted to pain and victimhood.

  8. Khole girrrrrl you’re so SORRY this man don’t know how to keep his hands to his self (Allegedly) 🗣GIRL you jump right out of the frying pan into the FIRE🔥 SM

  9. This is the last time I'm going to say this khloe is doing this for stunt for her show i can't understand how a family who makes so much money scheming be so hurt when things happen to them.first off you and Kim need to take at least a year to focus solely on your kids stop trying to. Start relationships while your still dealing with one ive never seen women who complain about relationship so eager to start new ones.khloe keeps trying to post pics of herself so Tristan can notice but why should he care his other babies moms are gorgeous also that's not going to get him to notice you plus you. Did all that when you were supposed to be together look where it got you now you and Kim are on yall hoe strolling again wearing barely there clothes Kim is another chapter how do you start dating a man when you're barely out of a marriage then claim its time for you to get back out there girl bye. This whole Kardashians mess needs to go away you made your money now go raise you're kids give them a chance to have a somewhat normal life without cameras let them be kids


  11. So she gone back with Trey Songz, didn't she date him before Tristan and also her sister Kendall also dated him. These girls do anything for a Story line.

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