Source: Kid Who Almost DIED At The AstroWorld Festival Says The Travis Scott Concert Was DEMONIC !!!

Kid Who Almost DIED At The AstroWorld Festival Says The Travis Scott Concert Was DEMONIC !!!

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48 thoughts on “Kid Who Almost DIED At The AstroWorld Festival Says The Travis Scott Concert Was DEMONIC !!!

  1. I mean being drunk and on drugs while dehydrated in a large crowd will never mix well. The whole demonic thing is silly to me. I’ve been to so many black metal and death metal concerts and you’ll never meet nicer people. But rap lyrics talk about real life hurting/robbing/killing people where as metal music isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. They just tell fantasy stories for entertainment. Rappers have done or mean what they say, and that’s what you need to watch out for. Those type of artists will attract crowds that only care about themselves.

  2. Blind. Your right in the face of what this brother said and you still being suggestive🤔🤔 it's just as he say it is…demonic. People are the way they are cuz God is pulling His Spirit away from the planet. People aren't naturally "good" nobody is "good" it's GOD and his GRACE in People that's holding them back from being taken over by their natural inclinations to do evil…not good.

  3. Listen carefully. God is reaching out for you. He loves you. He wants a relationship with you. I am so glad the young man in the video who was there made it out alive. God is reaching out for him, too.

  4. I passed out at a concert one time. It was terrifying when I came to. I was lucky to get out and not get hurt.

    Crowd control is #1 priority with shows. This seems beyond negligent. And definitely demonic.

  5. Demons and demon worshipers. Ya know, a spirit doesn't dance on a dead body and crush it. It takes a person with material substance to do so. Demonic or not.
    Just like a gun that sits on a table, no one uses it , it sits there untill it rusts away.
    It takes someone to use it for good or bad. It is the person that approves and tells the body what to do and the persons intended purpose.
    If the person is the murderer then they use their body to weild the weapon for evil.
    Same as a good person who is defending themselves or other with a gun. Or even hunting.
    As Jesus said. And He does not say if it is a good or bad spirit, just simply " the temple where the spirit resides is the flesh" , meaning if you're of evil it is the person whom hold the evil, a church is just a building, nothing more or nothing less. It is the person and or people that are in it that are either the good or bad people.
    When Ted Bundy killed all those girls , he was put to death for his crimes. No matter what religion or if he " found GOD " or " Jesus " and to my recollection he didn't get much press if he did say " a demon made me do it. But I'm really sorry so let me go.." lol
    Total bullshit when someone says that or that GOD HIMSELF in the Old Testment Laws or Jesus says that the wage of those sins is not the death penalty.. cause The Old Testament Laws demand the Death Penalty for many abominations and Jesus said " The wage of sin is death " .. He didn't say well. Give them some hug therapy and make them rich and idolize them and their evil and demons.
    Frankly and plainly speaking, civil Law also demands the death penalty.
    I'm only surprised that there's weren't dudes humping the dead bodies and calling it an attempt to give CPR in public view and people of the crowd cheering them on and telling them to hurry up and finish so they could get a turn before the cops and paramedics show up.
    I mean, they're still warm, and all the music is about is killing, greed , and running hoes and the degradation of women and other rappers and gangs and prison thug life..
    So why are you shocked? And if he had enemies and wanted them dead and had them followed to the concert or if it was planned by gangs, what is the difference between " demonic influence " and straight up premeditated murder and or drugging and rape?
    I mean, isn't sitting there smoking a j and watching them die and people dancing on the bodies something akin to showing that he and everyone else wouldn't walk across the room to piss on your head if it was on fire and then I'll dance on your grave and maybe piss on that too?
    I wonder instead of pouring one out for their homes. If they pissed on the dead as a farewell tribute.. it will be interesting if they didn't, ya know?
    And I'm sure they weren't searching people on the way out for blood and weapons and defense wounds etc.
    So.. come on now, you can't be shocked when " he's just keeping it real " and all that. A man of his word I'm sure.
    But either or any way you look at it, it's people that did it. Cause a demon in a statue doesn't do anything but beg for a drink to stare at and maybe some chicken to rot away in front of it.. so. Keep it real it's the people who did it .
    Blaming a demon or the devil is like saying my dog ate my homework and to prove it you force the papers down it's throat and bring the dog to school to crap it out in the classroom so it can be turned in with a little bit of a late points deduction.
    Which. However funny that would be. Is still the person who did it, or simply just say. Hey teach, I didn't do my home work. Worked a double and I just didn't get to it or. Screw it dude. I Didn't feel like it.
    So.. demons or not.. what's the difference, evil is evil.

  6. I have been saying these things about these kinds of people for years now and people have been since telling me “you’re thinking into the music too much”. I hope people’s eyes are starting to open up that satan controls the music industry and al of Hollywood. Please encourage everyone to stay away from following these “idols”. ✝️

  7. That’s crazy and so real ! Im glad u shared this frfr and ppl so ignorant i hope everybody learn from this seriously it is very very demonic he turning people souls right into the devil smh

  8. The way that kid described this concert just made me think of this world in general. The higher ups having all the power "dancing" while we yell out for help. Chilling.

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