Source: Kim Kardashian x Dr. Ghavami Doing Potenza RF Microneedling | TMZ

Kim Kardashian posts with Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ghavami discussing Potenza Radio Frequency Micro-needling for her dark spots. Potenza is an FDA-approved radiofrequency Microneedling treatment for the face and body. Dr. Ghavami uses the Potenza device, which has ultrafine needles and radiofrequency energy, to penetrate the skin to target the deep layers of the skin. This process trigger’s the skin’s natural repair process which boosts the production of collagen and elastin. These proteins keep skin smooth, supple and tight. The regenerative response treats a variety of skin concerns, including signs of aging and sun damage (e.g., fine lines and wrinkles), uneven skin tone and texture, scarring, blemishes, skin laxity and stretch marks. Microneedling also creates channels in the skin, which allow topical products to penetrate more deeply.

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