39 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin Son Kerrion cries in Madness, EXPOSE his mom & dad is Setting him up for failure

  1. Another grown man living with his parents and now about to go live with grandma. He looks insane he needs a job and get his own. What this kid wants is his dad's money. I believe dad finally cut him off and he's throwing a tantrum like the big kid he is. Why don't he have a job and his own.

  2. He's angry and that's the worst thing in the world to be you can snap, they didn't make the show snapped for nothing he need to talk to someone about his hurt and anger before he does anything he regrets.

  3. They don't want you tell the truth. You dad had a set problem right so now whatever hurt you let that shit out I don't think you crazy all stars gave to have a sacrifice

  4. His parents, society, and Church absolutely failed him it’s a shame. Period. I am not pleased with this woman who keeps cursing and due to that reason I can’t hardly listen to anything she says. She disrespects herself with her language and makes her rationale hard to follow. The conspiracy the young man speaks of is real, designed to cover up their smugness, superior attitude, narcissism and hatefulness. I pray for love and understanding to enter this young man’s heart and to disregard anyone who is disparagingTowards him.

  5. His guardians (Kirk Franklin, especially) need to practice COMPASSION, MODEL/express GOD’s love over this ABUSED, TORTURED young adult. He has been SPIRITUALLY ABUSED, UNLOVED MAN . HE HAS BEEN SINGLED OUT IN HIS PAIN. HAVE MERCY ON THIS YOUNG ABUSED CHILD OF GOD. KIRK FRANKLIN DID NOT SHOW HIM LOVE ON THE PHONE CALL. HE IS NOT THE PROBLEM, Cover him in PRAYER AND LOVE,NOT A WHIPPING. His parents and relatives, who are supposed to love him, play “BLAME THE VICTIM” but they have GIVEN UP on him and REJECTED and been UNLOVING to him. They tried to cover up his MISS-TREATMENT, but he is exposing THEIR HYPOCRACY and mentally/spiritually BULLIED. THEY NEED TO STOP TORMENTING HIM. I PRAY FOR ALL INVOLVED THAT WILL BE TOUCHED BY GOD AND HEARTS OPENED AND OVERFLOWING WITH LOVE FOR HIM! I agree with you, completely! If Kirk Franklin does not see the light or leave this poor tortured to the GRACE OF OUR LOVING GOD, Kirk willNEVER RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS-AND FAVOR THAT HE SEEMS TO THINK HE DESERVES. KIRK NEEDS TO PRACTICE WHAT HE PREACHES AND ALSO HEAR WHAT HIS SON IS TRYING TO SAY!l Dont give up, Son! God LOVES you!. Hugs and love to Kirks embattled, heartbroken, BROKEN son!

  6. I think he does this too much, he's the common denominator….he's always trying to 'expose' his parents. I'm starting to think he's the problem, it can't always be them.

  7. As a grown man, you don’t run to the net for answers . Pick yourself up and stop with this sympathy seeking train. You said as long as you breathe. Slow motion is better than no motion. I know you feel you have a big shoe to fill being a son of a world famous , but don’t compare . Tell God to make you the best version of yourself .

  8. Sounds like to me they are trying to control him by controlling him and his money let this man be him maybe his way ain’t kirks way or even my way but let this man be him hell I’ve seen crazier or even as he stated creative let that man be ! 🧐damn Kirk you can’t raise someone in a world of difference and not expect him to be different that’s seems like a world he does not want to live in , I wish he new there where people out here that love him and respect who he wants to be and understand what he is trying to do in his life and with himself Kirk wants him to be in his image but Kirk is or has been very suspect to me so there are a few things there that may not be all what’s cracked up to be there are many things wrong here but too me they don’t want this young man to be great ☺️pray son and try to find away with or with out your family and kirks money 💰 someone come help save this mans so he can proceed

  9. Kerrion is not mentally ill Kirk Franklin and his mother ought to be ashamed of themselves she went against her own son and defended Kirk they are still sleeping together Kirk is a lying azz man I don't see how they can do him like that Kirk also molested him he said it on YouTube their the one's that need help my heart is with Kerrion one day God will expose Kirk again for good!

  10. He is listening to our Father. I can say this because he is above ground. Our Father is dealing with him. If he didn't want to deal with his family he wouldn't be around them. He's around them because he needs them. Heeling comes in many forms. Everybody can help him through PRAYERS. FATHER GOD LET YOUR WILL BE DONE…. AMEN AMEN AMEN. He has said in Jesus name. Let Father God do his job whatever it may be. My message to this young man is let go and let Father God do his will. To his family, I pray that Father God have his way with you all. My last prayer is that, I rebuke the devil in all of our lives in the name of Jesus AMEN AMEN AMEN 🙏

  11. What he saying when he say about the booty he should be dating a woman or man enjoying himself right now having friends you know being grown adult he shouldn't have to be sitting here fighting with a grandmother and the mother on letting him go and trying to let him grow, you know how grandmother's is they get so attached they don't want you to leave the house and they make you their irons boy

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