Source: Kirk Franklin son Kerrion Franklin cries out for his father ACCEPTANCE & LOVE on Bad Boys Club

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37 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin son Kerrion Franklin cries out for his father ACCEPTANCE & LOVE on Bad Boys Club

  1. Ummmmm… Exploiting him?? Kerrion knew what he signed up for and Kerrion started exploiting himself when he leaked that recording of his dad cussing him out.. Kerrion has to take some accountability.. He's a grown man smh

  2. We are all hearing his side of it…let's not be so quick to throw stones at the parents they are human too….
    These grown children make their own decisions but whn it blows up they will blame the parents ..
    I've heard over the years Kerrion , kirk and his mom…have all been in therapy together and seperately…… I think both of his parents are just worn out….
    I pray they all gets thru this difficult time…
    This young man needs to grow up take responsibility for his own life….


  4. Who would want to spend Christmas with him? He’s nothing nice. Going on these channels to dennegrate his family’s name. He did it to himself, messy, messy, messy!

  5. He doesn't want therapy. He's been placed in therapy by his parents for years ( which they paid for) and they both been there for him even as a grown man. Seems he only wants to manipulate his father into giving him everything, his father has worked hard for.
    Also, why give him a tissue? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?

  6. This guy is in a dark place.. this is a stunt. His done something his not telling us, his trying to use the media to suck us in. I bet something gonna come up about him, he up to something. Them tears are, I’ve just f*%ked up kind of tears..

  7. When my mother and father forsake me the Lord will take me up. Psalm 27:11 Honor they mother and father that they live may be long on the earth. This is the 1st commandment with promise. 🛐This is a come to Jesus moment for my mans. Good things can come out of it. He's delicately balanced. Texas killed Sandra Bland. He's not built for prison. I hate they beat him up on the show for ratings. This damaged young man needs agape for restoration. That's my prayer.

  8. Praying🙏These people have no sympathy…They're not trying to help him. People can be so cold🥶like ice🧊 and I don't mean that in a good way, I just hope and pray that Kirk and his son can resolve this together❤❤

  9. EVERYBODY keep saying oh looking for attention or he’s disruptive how tf do you know what he’s been through? Y’all only seeing him as an adult y’all don’t know what his childhood was like to be judging this man, but I get it y’all praising Kirk Franklin because y’all see him a godly celebrity so he can’t do no wrong

  10. Life is something else but when we grow up we seek therapy or we stay stuck or we seek God as black folks I’m not saying Kirk is right or wrong parents make mistakes we human hope they fix it

  11. Black folks always feel “whyte jesus”” is the answer to everything in their life. And had he been a female with the same issues yall would be very sympathetic. Men have emotions abd feelings too. Maybe his family did do somthing to him.

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