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She is one of the most recognized celebrities in the world, and together with Travis Scott she is also one of the most popular couples on social networks. Kylie Jenner has been the protagonist of the last few weeks after giving birth to her second child, whom she wanted to publicly welcome a few days ago and, in the last few hours, she has also wanted to reveal the name of the creature; and, of course, she is not leaving anyone indifferent.

the less original

In recent times, the names chosen by some of the celebrities and recognized personalities from around the world give, and a lot, to talk about on social networks. Her millions of followers tend to freely comment on these unique choices and in the case of Kylie Jenner, the reactions have made her become a global trend in just a few hours through different platforms.

And it is that the second son of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is called Wolf Webster, a name of the most particular. Undoubtedly, few beat originality, but the truth is that the most observant fans of the North American have not been taken so much by surprise. The reality is that Kylie Jenner, also her sisters, likes to opt for unusual names for her children, in such a way that she continues the tradition that she started with little Stormi, her first child. .

As we can see, it did not take long for Kylie Jenner to talk about her second motherhood, which revealed that it took place on February 2, a date that also presents a curiosity that caught the attention of her faithful community of followers: 2-2 -22. It is not usual to find dates of this type, and to be born on them, less so; so Wolf Webster has reached the world – including celebrities – through the front door.

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