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When it seemed that the novel of the year was coming to an end, an information rekindled the scandal that has as protagonists Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and China Suárez. The unexpected fact is that the actress sent the media a text message with a really unexpected request that involves her ex-partner Benjamin Vicuña.

The first to provide this news was Yanina Latorre, who made it clear that she has access to a first-hand source. “La China is a daring one … she wrote to Wanda and asked her to send her the recording of the conversation she had with Vicuña. It is remembered that on the first day when all this comes up, he spoke with Vicuña to check, “said the panelist in Los Angeles de la Mañana (eltrece).

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Hearing that scoop, the entire show show team was shocked and inevitably claimed the audios. “Is this conversation between Vicuña and Wanda recorded? Why don’t you give it to me instead of China? ”Asked Ángel De Brito with indignation. And when listening to it, Latorre assured that she will do the impossible to get those conversations.

“The day she spoke (with Vicuña), as Wanda does not know how to record like I do, she put on a speaker and told Kennys Palacios to record,” said the little angel. After that comment, Maite Peñoñori drew a conclusion that strengthened the desire to access the material: not only is the talk recorded, but also the reaction of the Icardi representative.

To close the subject, the conductor of the cycle joked about the repercussion that the news will have. “Vicuña is passing out right now,” he said mischievously. However, Latorre brought some reassurance to the protagonist of Alternative Therapy: “He’s not going to screw it up anyway, no. Wanda loves Vicuña, just like I love Vicuña ”.

The supposed phrase that Benjamín Vicuña said about China Suárez during the talk he had with Wanda Nara

As soon as the “WandaGate” exploded in mid-October, a version that gained a lot of force was that Wanda Nara had contacted Benjamín Vicuña to tell him the details of the chats she had found between Mauro Icardi and China Suárez.

“They tell me that when he discovers those messages, Wanda calls him to Vicuña and they talk. She wanted to know if this was true, if China had that modus operandi. And Vicuña not only confirmed it, but he used a rather harsh word, ”Jorge Rial said at the time on the air of his radio program Argenzuela (Radio 10). And he completed: “Sorry for repeating it, but Vicuña told him: ‘It’s very pu …'”.

Benjamín Vicuña, China Suárez, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi. (Photo: Instagram / @ wanda_icardi – @sangrejaponesa)

At that time, Ángel de Brito, who was as a guest in the cycle of the former Intruders (America), affirmed that this talk had existed, but did not give more details. “Vicuña and China separate, she leaves him because she falls in love with another person, she begins to go out with another person. She was dating Nico Furtado until recently ”, he pointed out.

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