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26 thoughts on “LANDON RESPONDS TO TMZ!?

  1. This guy is ridiculous! “Why is Catherine not speaking up” come on! This has NOTHING to do with her! Why the hell would she speak up?! This guy is the worst drama channel

  2. I'm sick of people thinking that it's right for making another person feel bad even tho they have nothing to do with this
    And stop making Catherine feel like she's a bad person for not speaking up
    Shyla treated Catherine just as bad but now shyla is innocent because something bad happened to her
    We don't even know what really happened
    And shyla benefited from Landons money too but now that shyla left him it's like she did everything on her own and that's not fair
    Shyla can leave and she must not talk bad about Catherine staying it's more of being jealous
    I'm sick of shyla just wanting to play nice all the time but the people but are the nice one gets the most shit

  3. Who cares what Catherine has to say truth obviously comes out like how stupid Catherine is for staying with a cheater but she gets what she allows and Landon is a little xxxxx if he puts his hand on a woman but obviously he truth is already coming out screw Catherine and Landon

  4. Umm Don’t believe anything you see on here like comments . Those just rumors they aren’t real , one Austin didn’t even cheated at all becuz there is no evidence no videos or no pictures or anything . For shyla is lying about abuse , she use make up to make it look like abuse from Landon , I already knew this going to happen she will make up to blame Landon for that

  5. It amazes me to hear comments about Landon struggling with Cancer and yes Shyla was there and took care of him. At the end of the day WE ALL DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND CLOTHES DOORS. IM SURE ALOT OF PEOPLE ARE FOR SHYLA AND AGAINST LANDON BUT YA'LL AIN'T SLEEPING OR TALKING IN THE SAME B3D. YOU DO NOT KNOW THEIR PILLOW TALK. YA'LL FOLLOWERS ARE GASING UP THE PROBLEM BETWEEN THEM!!!!!!! NOT YOU!!!!! THEM!!!!SO STAY OUT OF THEIR PROBLEMS AND STICK TO YOUR OWN YOU FUCKING SHYT LIFE AND STOP GASING ON THEIRS. YOU FUCKING HIPPOS. 😘😘😘😘🤬🤬🤬🤬😈😈😈😈☠☠☠☠😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏 PRO Landon, Shyla and Soul. Love y'all. Put GOD first. Even if their's division in your followers now. Make it right if not then peacefully explain to your followers so that they can understand and stop showing hate or sides.

  6. First of all why did she decided to leave him now when they have a child together why didn't she leave him before they had soul i feel bad for soul having to be in the middle of this. Second She was abusive also the videos over the years prove it otherwise for her to take soul from Landon that's cold. And third pickles and Stax belong to Landon he bought them so she has no right taking anything from him

  7. Shyla of course would run her mouth to TMZ because she knows that if she is the first speak that everybody’s going to believe her. Nobody should trust what Sheila says if you ever watch this is Elena’s you saw her attitude she was a total which on the show 99% of the time especially towards the end

  8. to me shyla use to push his button it had some video people complain about her behaviour it has three sides to a story unless all yuh in their bedroom u don't believe everything I am on team jesus I worship no manat the end of the day they getting d money not me or u

  9. It sad to say but even if that is true about Catherine staying with Austin and he’s cheating what is that teaching your kids? That is not happiness. That’s sad.

  10. I believe shyla Been believing she's been going through SOMETHING for a long time , That's why she seems UNHAPPY in a lot of the Videos , She's not as good an Actress as Catherine , Shyla got dragged for not prompting Catherine's skin line no wonder it was a total flop to com their own FANS and the FANS still follow them , Cut Shyla a break she didn't feel like smiling be wise she was being beat down by the Whole McBroom FAMILY And Catherine needs THAT family to help her with the kids FACTS

  11. Abusers child molester rapist or wtv they are that is not good will never admit that they wrong never they are always right and innocent thats why all he says is the truth will come out no honey be a man and own up to ur shyt london caca pants always crying to his mommy and daddy and brother to clean up his mess because he cant do it on his own..

  12. Finally someone says about his saying about cancer london is using cancer for him self if you notice everything going thru cancer oh cancer i have respect for the people that have or had cancer they fought it or still fighting but you dont see them using it all over the place like he is doing to get more on his side what about shyla did everything for you and your child because he had cancer why doesnt he say thank you at least i friken knew if that little caca face won that stupid fight he was going to think he was the shyt he aint shyt i wana see him fight a good as fighter let see who wins thier not so tough no more huh london caca pants..

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