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Laura Londoño, who played the “Gaviota” in “Café con aroma de mujer”, is married to Santiago Mora and they have been in a relationship for more than ten years. The Colombian actress and the filmmaker have two daughters, Allegra and Mikaela, who was born in February 2022, establishing themselves as one of the most stable couples in the Colombian industry.

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They met during a film festival in Cartagena, Colombia, where they both had a friend who served as cupid. Although she never dreamed of dressing in white or getting married, after 5 years of dating, Laura Londoño married Santiago Mora in an intimate and simple ceremony in December 2018.

Now, with an almost two-year-old daughter and another three-month-old baby, Laura and Santiago have formed a solid marriage that exudes love on social networks. And, through her Instagram account, the protagonist of “Café con aroma de mujer” has remembered the day of her wedding with the filmmaker through some images that recorded that special day.

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On her Instagram account, where she has more than 2.5 million followers, Laura Londoño published a series of photos in which she recalled December 7, 2018, the day she married filmmaker Santiago Mora Bahamón.

“Today San Andrés has me remembering and remembering is living. Yes yes yes yes yes @morabahamon. Dale pueeees! ”, Wrote the Colombian actress on her actress’s social networks.

In the images Laura Londoño is seen dressed as a bride, wearing a pastel pink dress, and holding hands with the father of her daughters. The publication has more than 45 thousand likes and comments of love and congratulations from his followers.

First, the Colombian actress showed behind the scenes of how the bridesmaids prepared to attend the wedding. The makeup, as well as a delicate touch of flowers on the heads of the beautiful attendees, were details that Laura planned.

Something curious is that her mother’s dress looked like a wedding dress, since it was white, unlike Laura Londoño’s, which was pink, something different from the traditional ones.

In another photograph where Laura stated that she was “praying for the rain to stop”, the artist commented that even all the guests looked like brides because she herself asked them to attend in white.

Later, ready for the party, Londoño showed unpublished details of how her spectacular makeup was turning out. More than a newlywed, Londoño felt like a fairy tale princess.

A day that has remained forever in the memory of the protagonist of “Café con aroma de mujer”, who is the mother of two charming girls whom she boasts about on her social networks.

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