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Almost three weeks have passed since that tragic day in which the interpreter of “Benito Rivers” lost his life in Cuautitlan Izcalli aboard his truck on October 29.

And is that the 22-year-old actor was traveling with two “friends” while the police told them to stop, but they did not, so a chase began that ended with a bullet in the head of the star.

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Since then, it has not been possible to clarify what was the truth regarding the sudden death of “Benito Rivers”, since different versions have begun to come out through social networks.

From a murder by the authorities of the State of Mexico, to links with organized crime and a possible “suicide” are some of the versions that have been spread on the web.

The truth is that there are many aspects of the actor’s life that they knew very little about, because everyone has been left with the image of the tender red-haired boy who participated in the Televisa series, “Neighbors.”

The actor’s death is still under investigation. Photo: IG / octavioocaa

And it is that on more than one occasion it has been the father of the deceased actor who has come out to stand up for his son, as he assures that everything that has been invented about him is with the aim of staining his image.

Now a new rumor has begun to emerge on the web, as there are those who claim that the actor had a son whom he did not recognize before he died.

“Benito Rivers Jr.”?

It should be noted that when the actor lost his life, the first person to learn of his death was his fiancée, Nerea Godinez, with whom he had a relationship and they even had wedding plans.

And it is that the history of young people has been like the novel of “Romeo and Juliet”, because death has been in charge of playing a game for them and has separated them on this earthly plane.

The young people already had wedding plans for 2022. Photo: IG / octavioocaa

Since the death of the actor, Nerea has been harshly attacked in networks, to the extent that they have pointed to her as the culprit of his death, but the young woman has tried to ignore the haters.

But now, several Internet users assure that Octavio had a son whom he never recognized, and he was born just a year before his death; Everything seems that the woman with whom he had a “son” was his former partner named Georgina García, with whom he had a relationship before formalizing with Nerea.

It all started because when the actor died, the young woman posted some images next to Octavio, saying how bad she felt about his death and that somehow it would always be in her heart.

Octavio’s supposed son is just over a year old. Photo: IG / ge.orgina4049

It should be remembered that Octavio made his relationship with Nerea official on February 11, 2021, and Georgina’s son was born in October 2020, when the actor was still with her and after doubting his paternity they decided to separate.

Another of the “proofs” shared by the hosts of the YouTube program, “Gossip no like”, would be that the little boy is red-haired, just as Octavio was in life.

And it is that in the famous Javier Ceriani program they brought a seer, who had revealed that there was a baby in the actor’s life, but many believed that it was Nerea’s son.

It should be remembered that several secrets of the actor’s life have come out. Photo: IG / octavioocaa

It should be noted that these versions have not been confirmed or denied by the Ocaña family or by Nerea, much less by Georgina García.

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