Translated From: “Leo, I swear I’m not like this all the time”

Discovered on: 2022-02-11 22:50:19

Lali Esposito She is characterized not only by her talent as a singer and actress, but also by her spontaneity when speaking to the press.

And it was precisely in an interview with the Spanish program El Hormiguero where he surprised with a funny anecdote that includes Lionel Messi.

It is that the Argentine artist, the protagonist of Sky Rojo, said that she included the captain of the Argentine National Team in her list of “best friends” on Instagram and, after that, offered public apologies to La Pulga for a content she shared for that select group. of people.

“Something tremendous happened to me: I’m exaggerating but for me it was a bit strong. Did you see that on Instagram we have the option of ‘best friends’ in the stories? You have content that everyone sees and another that the people you choose see see. I have ‘best friends’ because I have an acid humor and sometimes I fuck with things that I say: ‘Among 10 million people I don’t want to offend anyone or for anyone to say, what’s wrong with this crazy woman? I’m a little crazy in life'”, Lali began by recounting and continued detailing: “Then I uploaded something bizarre and funny about my life, fucking with a friend. And suddenly I see that Leo Messi had seen it. I added it to best friends. It gave me a bit of a thing to see my social face with my friends, yelling “.

With the humor that characterizes her, and when asked by the driver Pablo Motos -who asked her if she was drunk in said video-, Lali answered without hesitation: “I wasn’t farting but it seems like I’m farting all the time.”

Then, he took advantage of the camera to apologize to the Argentine idol. “Leo I swear I’m not like that all the time, I love you”, he said between laughs and told why he decided to add the Argentine star to that select list of people: “I added him because I said: ‘How can I not have my compatriot and number one in the world as best friends?’ But hey, Leo, if you think I’m not okay, you’re right, but don’t unfollow me.”

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