Source: Lil' Fizz apologize for bringing Omarion family dysfunction, Cardi B crazy birth, Boosie carried off

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50 thoughts on “Lil' Fizz apologize for bringing Omarion family dysfunction, Cardi B crazy birth, Boosie carried off

  1. Toni Braxton publicly admitted she had a tummy tuck after giving birth to one of her son's years ago so if you don't supposed to do surgery after giving birth some doctors do perform surgery if the celebrity asks for it like Toni Braxton Dr did and she definitely got a tummy tuck after birth and this was a long time ago so what Cardi said unfortunately isn't true not saying she did it and of course you don't suppose to do surgery after giving birth because it's not of course that safe or healthy because you can lose to much blood and die or just die from difficulties of the surgery and your risks is much higher after giving birth because you lose blood while your giving birth but again some doctors do it anyway that's why these days they make you sign a paper saying you can't sue the hospitals or doctors if you die or due to certain complications but of course if it is a mistake done definitely on there part you can sue but other circumstances you can't. But hopefully Cardi didn't get no surgery and is telling the truth but not for our sakes because it's none of our business anyway but for her sake so nothing won't happen to her. I love Cardi though she's so beautiful and talented. But I wish she wouldn't feel like she always have to explain stuff to her fans and haters because I would just let them think and believe what ever they want and wouldn't care not once bit because what I do is none of there business.

  2. He could've easily apologized in private no one had to know but the two of them these public moments don't come off genuine imo and not for nothing an apology will not erase the reveal of his true character bcuz he has already shown and is he apologizing now bcuz hes not with her any more ??? I would accept it bcuz its something fizz wants to correct but I definitely wouldn't be friends with him no way

  3. Mfs be talking about you gotta forgive. Nah you gotta apologize if you did wrong and then get tf on after that and let the person you wronged decide if they wanna forgive you or not

  4. This moment of the concert was crazy last night. I was there and I did not expect to see Fizz. They may be on better terms. However, Omarion still seems unbothered and rightfully so. .

  5. So it took Fizz this long to apologize? I feel like once the damage is done, You're not really sorry this is all for Love n Hiphop.Cardi always feels bothered to explain to ppl about her life girl live your life and stop caring bout what these ppl think I dont see why ppl think Boosie is so funny he's q homophobic grown ass, perverted man.

  6. Fizz only apologized cause he realized that woman stop his bag and ruined everything and now he had to come back and face the person to say please give me my job back for the tour lol

  7. id still be questioning his intentions and why he chose that time to say sorry i was just telling a friend how ppl who do you dirty to that extent or multiple times need to just keep it moving in life for me don’t try to spin the block apologizing just keep that same foul energy about you because atp it’s feeling like a pattern, but that’s cool for them lol.

  8. Nigga just wanna be on the next tour that’s all 😂😂😂 he ain’t causing Omarion turmoil, he’s causing his own career turmoil. Omarion ain’t dumb , he ain’t bouta fuck with Fizz no kinda way. Fizz knew what he was doing.

  9. He apologized bc he’s not doing as good as Omarion. I bet if he was bigger than Omarion he would’ve never humbled himself. Cardi did her hips in my opinion. Boosie is a crazy and whatever he does and says is no surprise to me.

  10. OMARION is a beast👏 he played his cards right and kept his composure at all times much respect! FIZZ need Omarion and realised when he lost his credibility and coin! Saying sorry after you have done everything you could to humiliate you're "friend" who welcomed you into his circle from the start wow. Thank you for the apology but no thank youuuu!

  11. Let me get this straight. Fizz has had all the time in the world to apologize. Him and April been broke up. So why would he wait for the Millennium Tour to start, the FIRST SHOW at that, to bring his raggedy ass out to apologize? Seems hella calculated. An apology was mos def long over due and needed, but why now?

  12. Whew😬 this a tough one for me! He reminds me of a few of my "hood" brothers! They like and possibly have real "love" for me, I believe-yet still have a hidden jealousy for some reason. These types will apologize & act out of sorry-ness because a hidden agenda or ulterior motive. Normally it's because you hold a value that potential could benefit them. Normally these type people have the ability to seek and achieve goals themselves but they choose to live a "Vamp life" because it's easier to suck your supply to obtain personal believed happiness.. These people have a high turnover rate of doing it (whatever "it" is) again or something similar. I have personally been through this and the other person knows I have a forgiveness spirit…
    The best way to function with one of these people is to see how they are treating everyone else around them. If you hear something out of pocket or see it, you shouldn't think you are any acception to their world and rules if you CHOOSE to go back…..
    Accept the apology but tread high waters with a lifesaver!!!!!!!!💯

  13. I’m glad he apologized and hopefully they can repair their friendship bc you only get one true friend in a lifetime plus it goes to show us woman that a man can sleep with a thousand women and still be respected but a woman will be called a whore.

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