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Last Wednesday, January 5, Pope Francis, in the middle of the first general audience of 2022, gave a speech in which he regretted that today most people prefer to have a pet instead of a child.

This comment had reactions and debates that were expressed especially through digital platforms, with different positions regarding the controversy about having a pet and / or a child; Among the points, those that put ‘on the table’ the responsibilities that come with having either of the two stand out.

Among the criticisms and the disagreement of many people to the pope’s expressions, that of the Colombian actress Lina Tejeiro emerged, who has always shown her love for animals, currently having four pets: three dogs and a cat.

It was through her account on the social network Twitter that the also model spoke out questioning the thinking of the Supreme Pontiff.

“The Pope says that we are selfish who do not have children and prefer to have pets. How many children does the pope have? ”Was the message Tejeiro wrote.

The comment triggered different reactions, both favorable and disagreeing; As Lina Tejeiro expressed her opinion, many other artists spoke out defending their opinion against the fact that animals are also part of the family.

However, this comment did not go down well for all users and there were those who attacked the actress, considering the comparison that Lina Tejeiro made an offense, since they ask respect for religion and those who do decide to have children.

“Because the Pope cannot have children because of his vocation, should you only talk about acting then?” Says one of the comments in response to the actress.

Another user tried to clarify to the young woman the intention of the Pope’s comment, explaining that: “The message refers to the humanization of pets. And it talks about couples who prefer pets to children. It does not say that it is bad to have pets.”

On the other hand, there are also comments in support of what was expressed by the artist and asking the religion for respect for the couple’s decisions.

The Pope says that we are selfish who do not have children and prefer to have pets.
How many children does the pope have?

– LINA TEJEIRO (@Lina_Tejeiro) January 7, 2022

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