Source: Loni Love reacts to the Dababy & Danileigh, says Women should have their OWN STUFF, & Men should GO

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41 thoughts on “Loni Love reacts to the Dababy & Danileigh, says Women should have their OWN STUFF, & Men should GO

  1. I've been saying this forever. Be able to hold your own. Never depend on a man to take care of you. I use to hear some young ladies say, they need a rich man to take care of them. I would tell them what you need is to have your own, because when that man decides he's done with you, you're stuck and out looking for someone else. So instead of being dependent on someone be independent therefore when that man leaves, you got this. Especially if you have a child/children. Looking for someone to take care of you, you don't know what type of monster you'll run into. Now the kids are in harms way. Being independent is a wonderful thing. You have control
    Even looking at this generation , I tell some of these young men, get your own place. Staying with a woman and she's has the authority to put you out, you must go. You don't want to go through the hassle of going back to your parent's house or trying to find somewhere to stay. Have your own.

  2. Of course women and men should have there own shit. But that is not situation here, she left her home in la to move in with him they have been living together since they been together. She literally said she has a closet at his actual house. It’s the fact he is being a narcissists. He’s mad she ordered plan b to his home here. Waking her up 3am to get out is ridiculous. I feel like she should have left anyway. Why stay and get gas lighted. She also mentioned she had a flight that leaves in a couple hours and she wanted the rest of her belongings from his house that he has been keeping hostage. He probably was tired of the nagging and extra shit. News flash if she ain’t your main, your wife, just a side bm. Stop fucking her till the point she needs a Plan B, cuzz u still wanna but in her and he talking shit to get upset to leave so he can be in peace and possibly bring his other family in the house. Dani you over stayed your welcome after the first time he said get out. Wait for your flight at a hotel, if you needed to get your shit from his home get a police escort it’s that easy🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. What does looks have to do with anything! I’m so tired of hearing that, if she was unattractive would she deserve that same treatment! It has nothing to do with what somebody looks like!🙄

  4. Women always keep your own, bank account, car in your name, a place in your name, or money saved to move into a place, job or business in your name. You can't trust Noone but yourself, even when your married, because you truly never know anyone.

  5. I really don’t feel bad for him at all now all of a sudden he’s the VICTIM when he’s VICTIMIZED so many people
    Well that’s how HE gets them to fight each other Black Women Stop🛑it
    If this is real and it’s not for a clout this is a prime example that what we talk about for ALL black men you have to do better stop 🛑giving EXCUSES NOW he wants to use her as a deploy to get the heat off him for a while and let it be focused on her now and These Men call them selfs MEN Straight BITCHS
    P.S They always want to talk about in their songs or even in real life they don’t deal with the police🚨, obs🚔 Look WHO HIM Calling 📱the🚨🚔YALL MEN Ain’t SHIT.

  6. Us as women should just be independent period and make sure we have our own money, place, and more so yes I agree with Loni Love. And everything Da Baby was doing in front of the child was very disrespectful and immature and very uncalled for. And everyone he was talking to in the video was just watching instead of telling him to stop and cut it out and yes that's the mother of his child and I would never mess with him again if I was her, he's very disrespectful and putting her out is also putting your young baby out and anyone that agrees with what he did is as ignorant and immature as he is. Period!!!! And the world didn't need to see none of that and it's none of our business but since you put it out there you let the world know your not a man your just an immature boy and I would never mess with no one like this. He made this everyone's business and for what????

  7. This lady is very independent she has 2 million. She knew what type of dude he was he left his other two baby mothers to raise their kids by their self. I have five kids I wouldn't sit there and let someone make a fool of me.
    I would just get my kids and leave. ✌
    Obviously she is obsessed with him I would never let someone disrespect me on this level boy bye.
    She's talking about baby clothes and all that other bshit girl you have $ 2 million
    A lot of women just don't have self-respect.

  8. I was married and my husband thought he was gonna stop me from working and wanted me to need him he was shocked when I had the upper hand. these men are sick, controlling narcissistic jerks!

  9. U really thought it was a good idea to make a baby with DaBaby…? File for child support and dip on that 🤡. Dani needs to focus on doing better things for herself and her baby.

  10. Hell yeah excuse my language but yes very important to have your own coming into the situation tht way u can’t be put out period I been like this since I was very young nobody is putting me out of nothing cause ima always have me and mine so thts wht was crazy to me Wht type of woman don’t have they own even if he is financially good u still have to have your own

  11. I'm just build different cause I aint never not had my own since high school I've worked, had my own money n car and at 22 I brought my own home….never rented, never had a roommate, or lboyfriend live with me….you betta have your own but the dusties will still come and try you like da baby but not matter WHAT he says to break your heart you have a whole 'pot to piss in n window to throw it out off' and he'll have to go back to his momma or boys place 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. I'm lost because she doesn't need him this is not about money it's about respect she not broke that's not the issue once again it's about respect oh trust me she will get it a baby will open her eyes kids are reality check that's the wakeup call first time for everything,🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  13. I don't feel sorry for her I really don't and it's and I don't because he will not pull up with his other big mother but then he ever did pull that with other baby mothers the baby he can fly them out and mess with them tell him to get out but them b**** would have for him and left because they got the money to buy them f**** train ticket cab fare all of that but this girl think cuz she light skin and light skin she don't have to work or have to do nothing about to just take care of the baby he got the f**** kids that's the whole thing the girls that she called monkeys and the girls that she call these names and stuff is the baby other baby mothers they got their own she don't got s*** and that's why she can't that's why she can trust and treat it if she had on s*** he couldn't do that he won't do that to them but if he did that to them they can pay for that Cafe they can pay for their train fare they can play for their own plane ticket she can't that's what she messed up at you never put you all into a n** you never give your all into a n**

  14. First of all you telling me if I got all this money not paying for her food clothes everything Pampers everything and you start yelling at me disrespected me in my house and all this stuff you know that you want me to leave my house you know you want me to leave and you say that y'all leave and I'm taking the water the gas to f**** electricity that he the fool everything with me and my child with me too that's what he should have did he could have loved he should to gave him with him if I asked right there by herself and the day that's his house he bought her there he paid for her there she didn't have a dime her f**** pocket that's what she went wrong I hit by him f**** cars and s*** like that you don't got to f**** place to stay whether you should never went you know and all three months you sitting there you know n** had to put some kind of money down whatever gave you something or did something you should have took that s*** and cashed it in and start having your own pocket change I don't kind of man to do anything for me my baby father around here collective income tax and tax fraud and claiming my daughter that don't even live with him about to go to f*** to jail forget deported he doing everything like that and I'm sitting here but in the day he live with his f**** mother and his fiance and they baby they live all of his mama house I got my own s*** I kicked that n** out every many place I went to and he probably came near you probably got back together I kicked his ass out and they can never kick me out that's the whole things out cuz I had choices I have places to go you know no n*** can't kick me out I kicked they asses out but then they can kick and I got my own that's the first thing before my baby I made sure I got my own that was wrong with your girls I just want a guy to do everything for you I know no no no that's a shame I don't feel sorry for me one of them she does light skin with the white skin and she was going to be getting everything and calling his other baby mother's monkeys and all this s*** cuz they got this s*** it got their own apartments on car to the fact that kids on income tax they sell they get to go and go and come after they want if he sit that say I want to mess with child tonight and they can fly out here to fly them out but in the day he said I got to get out big body on f**** take you to go back home she can I don't feel

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