Source: Luenell calls MoNique a Egomaniac, compares her to the boy who cried Wolf, DL Hughley lights Mo up

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35 thoughts on “Luenell calls MoNique a Egomaniac, compares her to the boy who cried Wolf, DL Hughley lights Mo up

  1. Defending her means u just as wrong!!!!!! She shouldn't of aired her grievances on social media. Then she was dead wrong!!! She's owes him an apology Periodt. I'm not condoning nobody who is wrong!! Those that do are just sad!!

  2. Thank you for checking that so call black women hate on Monique. Because D L is not funny at all and I would been out the door when Monique finish her performance.

  3. 🤷I'm with DL because you should never air your grievances out in public especially toward someone you haven't spoken directly to in years. There's a time and place for everything, and doing that on stage wasn't it.

  4. Love you Monique you keep fighting for us and you keep telling it like it is you are the queen of comedy You're a phenomenal actress you are the trailblazer of black woman you are you are it and he ain't s*** he had no business pulling you down like this he ain't got no respect for a black woman 🌻

  5. At the end of the day Luenell isn’t a “Queen of Comedy” and Rickey isn’t a “King of Comedy.”In this case he used his platform for discouraging politics on Monique’s behalf. They are not a reliable source nor are on Monique’s level.

  6. I like Mo'nique but it's over the top now. Her reputation precedes her and not in a good way. No matter how "right" she may be, her tone is still angry and argumentative. She and her Daddy went live earlier just running this thing into the ground. It has become annoying.

  7. Again, why did Lee Daniels just publicly apologize if Monique was was wrong? Then why did Tyler and Oprah apologize in private? We heard the recorded apology of Tyler so leave Monique alone! Everything she says comes to pass. She’s been warning us and she gets the last laugh.

  8. Why is Monique or Anyone trying to rally people around Monique? That’s Monique’s fight that she decided to address half of her set time instead of giving the audience what they paid for. She made more that night for that rant than many of the people who Paid to see her performance. She should’ve stayed on The Promotor or whoever wrote those contracts. No one communicates with each other on these shows. I think Monique is a Narcissist.

  9. I don’t agree….ANY Black person that’s up always on VLAD CANNOT be trusted so BYE Luenell, DL, and Rickey Smiley 🙄 they ALL jealous and scared of Monique’s level of talent. Period

  10. Lunel i love you but she ain’t half of mo nique. The beautiful Mo has a heart of gold. She did all that for all the black girls who come after her to have a fair go. I find it pathetic and hateful how Greedy lunell, Oprah and the guy I forgot is. They are all jealous demons. No ain’t perfect but she’s double the women them all the others

  11. I think Monique has the right to speak about whoever or however whoever wronged or harmed her. We all do it of course. 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

    How about instead of persecuting the victim, persecute the ones that's doing the victimizing.

    Wrong is wrong period

    Lunell, smiley has nothing to do with this. I don't do this with my coworkers. That's Monique's and DL business and DL needs to stop trying to do a smear campaign. He can be easily cancelled too 🤷🤷🤷🤷. He needs to be a man he's just salty

    Monique…..A LEGEND. Lunell hmmm not so much

  12. I think Rickey needs to stay out of it. Just like he himself said it has nothing to do with him. But yet he's going around from show to show talking about it….these are his colleagues and coworkers. Sounds messy to me and hateful….that's just like if I did that at my job. Same thing.

  13. Along as the public continues to support Monique, she will continue to be successful, Monique is a vocalist,she states facts, wanting the proper recognition for her craft, that's anybody…..Stay strong Mo, been a fan since your sitcom 😘

  14. She called that man gay and brought up his family in the same breathe. Smh. That's the shit for me. You got an issue with HIM fine but don't bring up his family that's a low blow.

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