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The love between celebrities is increasingly strange … and well, with that we especially mean Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. The controversial couple got engaged a few days ago in a fact that became a trend in networks (to the extent that Eminem’s name also came up due to his old fight with MGK) and recently, they gave something to talk about again.

As it turns out, in a recent interview, Colson Baker -musician’s real name- explained that the ring he gave the actress is designed in such a way that if she wants to take it off, the accessory will hurt her. Yes, we know that love should be felt to the fullest, be intense, but not to that degree. Here we tell you the gossip.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Photo: Getty.

The Rare Wedding Ring Machine Gun Kelly Gave Megan Fox

We understand that when you are in love, you do all kinds of crazy things. And more when it comes to a relationship that goes to the altar. But there are some cases where things get kind of weird… the example is in Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox romance.

If the gossip beats them, surely they already know what is between them. But if not, we’ll explain briefly: the couple had been dating for a while, they have become one of the most talked about relationships in the previous months and now, to crown the love that binds them in the best way, have been engaged in sacrosanct matrimony.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Photo: Getty.

But as we told you, within all the romance and that matter, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have also sparked some controversy. Well, it turns out that he is also (ex) rapper I already give the wedding ring to the actress and so far, all good. The networks commented on the matter, some threw everything at them, others supported them… things from the internet, you know.

However, in recent days criticism has rained down on MGK due to the revelation thatThe ring is created in such a way that if Megan takes it off, she will get hurt.. Kelly and Fox gave an interview to Vogue magazine and in that talk, the musician mentioned that the accessory has a diamond from renowned jeweler Stephen Webster and that it has a kind of mechanism with thorns.

“The concept is that the ring can be separated to make two rings. When it’s attached, it’s held in place by a magnet… And do you see this here? The bands are actually spines. So if you try to take it off, it will hurt. The love is pain!”said Machine Gun Kelly. And well, they will think it’s a joke or that he said it with that intention, but at least in that talk the singer does not deny the thorns in the ring. We reiterate: how rare love between celebrities.

Photo: Twitter.

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