Translated From: Maluma and his little hand on Jennifer López’s hip: Does JLo look uncomfortable …

Discovered on: 2021-11-19 23:08:43

Maluma and Jennifer López star in the film “Marry Me”. Where the Colombian in addition to being the singer’s boyfriend, in history, is also the one who cheats on her publicly, which is why she marries someone else. That’s where actor Owen Wilson comes in, JLo’s real romantic interest in this romantic comedy.

Now as part of the film, several photographs of Jennifer López and Maluma have appeared together on a red carpet. However, it must be explained that these are not from a real event. No. The images of the Colombian, with his hands on the hips of the “Diva del Bronx”, are part of the film. Hence, Jennifer López’s face does not reflect any happiness.

Maluma surprises Jennifer López. But beware, the image is taken from the film “Marry Me” that will be released on Valentine’s Day. / The Grosby Group

Thank goodness that the image is not from real life, because otherwise it seems that Ben Affleck would have reasons to show himself but jealous, yes annoying. Because it seems that the singer, in character, does not like to have Maluma so close. And they say that in this scene he came out of nowhere to surprise her.

Here we leave you a photograph of Jennifer López when she really smiles happily when she receives the attention of the man she loves. And, oh yes, you can tell the difference.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pose together again on a red carpet 17 years later. / AFP Getty Images

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