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In 2000, Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres were one of the most acclaimed couples in Latin America, with the model and former Puerto Rican beauty queen starring in some video clips of the famous salsero.

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However, in 2004, after alleged infidelity, the couple announced their final separation after four years of marriage and two children: Cristian and Ryan Muñiz Torres. The first born in February 2001 and the second in August 2003.

Precisely, the oldest of them is a very talented artist who has been making his way on social networks, where he demonstrates all his abilities, which neither his model mother nor his musician father could surpass.

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And it is that Christian Muñiz Torres has shown a great talent for drawing and painting, which he proudly exhibits in his personal profiles, which are public and where he has more than 12 thousand followers.

The young man is a digital artist with a lot of potential who, due to his publications, is a great follower of graphic arts such as comics and novels, whose characters he captures in his work. This is demonstrated by the image that he recently shared.

“Finally back to doing digital art with a Reed Richards piece!” he posted, alongside a figure of the “Fantastic Four” frontman.

The design was applauded by his mother, who did not hesitate to recognize her son’s talent: “Bravo, Papito… Love it! Freaking amazing, proud (I love it, incredibly amazing, I’m proud).”

In addition to comic book characters, mainly from Marvel, the young man also shows a passion for Star Wars, the George Lucas saga that closed its third trilogy a few years ago.

In his social networks, the young man has shared several jobs with his girlfriend Kylie Marco, who is also a graphic artist, and with whom he has been in a relationship for three years.

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Despite being one of the happiest couples with their audience, the marriage between model and singer ended in court, with pension claims and a strong conflict between both parties.

Years later, the model would indicate that “My divorce from Marc Anthony was the worst moment of my life”, in addition to admitting that until now it brings back bad memories. While the salsero has always avoided referring to the breakup.

Although the causes are unknown, both reached an agreement in favor of their children, the salsero arriving to express his support after the actress admitted that she suffered from cancer.

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The 47-year-old model and actress gave an interview on the “La mesahot” program, in which she was asked a little about herself, including issues related to her ex-husband Marc Anthony, a singer who will remarry after having engaged to Nadia Ferreira.

With her response, Dayanara Torres showed that there are no bad feelings between them and that she wishes him the best in his new stage, mainly because he respects him a lot as the father of his only two children, whom he loves with all his heart. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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